Why Is EMU realigning its budget?

Recent difficult decisions regarding administrative positions and Athletics are designed to realign University resources to invest in:

  • dynamic high-demand academic programs;
  • world-class facilities; and
  • student support programs.

These investments will build on EMU’s countless award-winning programs and facilities.

Investing in high-demand academic programs

EMU is launching new academic programs in high-growth areas, including:

Investing in world-class facilities

EMU has recently completed and is launching many exciting projects to continue providing a vibrant and safe campus for students, faculty, and staff for decades to come.

  • Sill Hall will be renovated and expanded to house EMU’s growing engineering programs.
  • The Rec/IM will undergo significant renovations and expansion, thanks to support from a dedicated student fee advocated by Student Government.
  • A new state-of-the-art health care center will be built on campus in partnership with St. Joseph Mercy Health System and Integrated Healthcare Associates.
  • Labs for the neuroscience and fermentation programs will be created this summer in Mark Jefferson.
  • The Quirk/Sponberg Theatre will undergo facility upgrades this summer.
  • A new $19.6 million co-generation unit was recently completed to provide nearly all of the campus’ electrical and heating needs at a lower cost and with dramatic reductions in emissions.
  • EMU recently opened a new Amazon store in the Student Center – the first of its kind at a Michigan college or university.

Investing in student support programs

EMU’s core mission is to provide students with a world-class education both in and out of the classroom.

Building on our award-winning success

EMU has a proud tradition of supporting students and offering top-quality award-winning programs. The recent budget actions are designed to ensure that resources are focused to build on these successes.

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