Community Standards & Assessment Program

CSAP is the framework that we are utilizing to define fraternal excellence. This program calls for members of each fraternity and sorority to meet with an array of faculty, staff, alumni, volunteers, and members of the greater community to discuss how the chapters are living up to the core values of the fraternity/sorority community as defined by our students. The standards are broken into five areas: Integration of Purpose, Intellectual Development, Leadership Development, Positive Relationships and Civic Engagement.  These areas are further defined in training, and on the EMU FSL website. Representatives from all chapters will meet with two evaluators for each of these standard areas.  Each organization will then be evaluated on how well they incorporate the community values into their chapter and individual behaviors/programming.  Evaluators will also provide positive and constructive feedback as a part of the conversation.  This feedback loop is an important part of achieving continual progress and development for our chapters. The results of these evaluations are connected to our annual chapter awards. Organizations can be recognized for Excellence in an area for receiving the highest rating.  In addition, organizations receiving overall excellence in the core criteria will be named Chapters of Excellence.

 Past CSAP and FSL Award Winners

Click here to learn more about the assessment categories for the Community Standards and Assessment Program and how they are scored.

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