Greek Standards and Assessment Program


Greek Standards and Assessment Program

The Greek Standards and Assessment Program was developed in 2005-06 after a year long process involving dozens of student leaders in the Greek Community at EMU. Students first engaged in a series of meetings to define their shared core values. They then set out to develop a set of standards. The program as it currently exists is based on a recommendation from a report by The Franklin Square Group, a group of College and University Presidents and Fraternity and Sorority Executive Directors, named "A Call for Values Congruence." In adopting the recommendation from this report to implement this model for a campus based standards program the EMU Greek Community feels that it is very much on the front end of an important national movement toward values congruence within Fraternities and Sororities. 

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In a bold move to redefine what it means to be a fraternity or sorority member at Eastern Michigan University, student leaders have adopted the Greek Standards and Assessment Program. This model calls for members of each fraternity and sorority to meet with an array of faculty, staff, alumni and members of the Ypsilanti community to discuss how their chapters are living up to the core values of the Greek community.

The culmination of the program is the Greek Awards Ceremony in April. All organizations that receive a rating of excellence in each category will be recognized. In addition, the fraternities and sororities with the highest cumulative ratings will be named Chapters of Excellence. The purpose of the awards is to recognize those chapters for their positive work throughout the year. 

Both students and professional student affairs staff are confident that the Greek Standards and Assessment Program challenges chapters in a positive way to redefine what it means to be a fraternity or sorority at Eastern Michigan University.


GSAP Binder Worksheets for Chapters

Integration of Purpose
Chapter Operations
Intellectual Development
Positive Relationships
Leadership Development
Civic Engagement


Past GSAP and Greek Award Winners


Click here to learn more about the assessment categories for the Greek Standards and Assessment Program and how they are scored.

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