Emerging Leaders Series

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"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Gandhi


Get a head-start in developing your leadership skills with the Emerging Leaders Series!  ELS is an 8-week leadership program specifically designed for freshmen, sophomores and new transfer students at EMU. Each week, participants will focus on a different aspect of leadership through exercises, discussions, presenters and observing current events. Weekly topics include, but are not limited to: values clarification, connecting service to leadership, personality assessment, team building and communication, and building and working on interpersonal relationships. ELS students will expand their network of resources to support their personal and academic achievement at EMU.

No prior leadership experience is necessary to participate; however, ELS has limited space so a brief application is required. Participants who successfully complete the 8-week program will be awarded a certificate of completion and Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC) credit for the Community Service, Citizenship and Leadership requirement. Students must attend all meetings in order to receive Learning Beyond the Classroom credit and receive their certificate of completion for the Emerging Leaders Series. If students miss a session, they will have to make it up with the next class of participants.

ELS applications are due Sept. 21st!  APPLY NOW. If you have  questions, please contact Kyle Martin.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Emerging Leaders Series (ELS):

Why should I do this?
The Emerging Leaders Series help you dig deeper than you ever have before! We will lead and facilitate discussions and activities that will help teach you more about yourself, how you choose to lead, and how to more effectively work with different types of people. You will learn more about your strengths and weaknesses as a leader, as well as learn valuable skills helpful to not only your collegiate career, but also the rest of your life. You will make many new friends and connections to help you get involved on campus, which is the best way to jump start your career at EMU! Are you up for the challenge?! This is what previous graduates of ELS had to say about the program:
"The Emerging Leaders Series helped out not only with leadership, but with life in general."
"I would recommend ELS to anyone and everyone - I believe everyone could benefit. I loved my experience with ELS."
"The Emerging Leaders Series helped me strengthen my leadership skills and I feel more confident as a leader."
"I would recommend series this to anyone because the program is great, to say the least. It touches on and discusses the various traits and characteristics of a leader."
"I loved ELS!"

How much time per week do I have to devote to the Emerging Leaders Series?
ELS is an 8-week program that meets once a week for two hours. We also recommend participants set aside an estimated 45 minutes per week, outside of the sessions, to complete work and be prepared for the next session.
How much does it cost?
Everything for the Emerging Leaders Series is paid for by Campus Life, making the experience free of charge for participants!

What is Learning Beyond the Classroom credit (LBC)?
Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC) is an area in EMU's General Education Program that students must fulfill to graduate and is met by satisfying two (2) of the six (6) groups through a combination of experiences and/or courses. The six (6) LBC groups are:

  1. Self and Well-Being,
  2. Community Service, Citizenship & leadership,
  3. Cultural & Academic,
  4. Career and Professional Development,
  5. International and Multicultural Experiences
  6. Undergraduate Research. The Emerging Leaders Series falls under the Community Service, Citizenship and Leadership group.

How will I be able to use the skills I have learned after ELS has ended?

The skills you learn during ELS are applicable to all aspects of life; whether it be your job, school, a student organization, or even everyday life instances. You will obtain a better sense of who you are and gain the confidence needed to become successful in all you do. ELS will also give you a chance to become involved on campus, which will open many doors and provide endless opportunities for you to make the most out of your college experience.

Campus Life, 345 Student Center, 900 Oakwood Dr., Ypsilanti, MI 48197 734.487.3045