Leadership: Defined

In Campus Life, we define leadership in congruence with the Leadership Minor. Visually, we see ethical, strategic leadership growing from and being guided by the internal values in the self. The TRUEMU Leader lives authentically in line with their values, engages in meaningful relationships, and actively responds to the needs of their community to move towards positive social change.

A leader is characterized–Leadership vision

  • Intra-personally...
    • Values-based
    • Self-aware of one's identity
  • Interpersonally...
    • Open-minded
    • Multiculturally competent
  • Societally...
    • Strategically-minded
    • Active citizen

Leadership Opportunities

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Emerging Leaders Series

An introductory leadership program designed for incoming first years, second years, or transfer students.



Individual support that can go towards registration fees of leadership conferences

Leadership Awards

Gold Medallion Awards

The prestigious Gold Medallion Awards recognize exceptional achievements by members of the Eastern Michigan University community who demonstrate a commitment to student engagement through significant ongoing contributions. Award winners are individually recognized for their efforts and receive an inscribed gift to commemorate their achievement.

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