On-Campus Events and Demonstrations

Eastern Michigan University encourages members of the university community to invite speakers to campus to promote the free exchange of ideas and timely discussion on a wide variety of issues.

In furtherance of this principle and to ensure that all viewpoints are heard to the maximum extent possible, all outside campus events, demonstrations and protests must be sponsored by a recognized EMU faculty, staff or student organization and must be scheduled in advance with the Department of Public Safety.

When organizing an on-campus event or gathering at Eastern Michigan University, indoors or outdoors, there are a number of policies and procedures to follow and several people on campus who can help. Because it can sometimes be hard to find the policies or procedures that may apply or the people to talk to, we have compiled and summarized several of them below.

Gatherings during COVID

In interest of the health and wellbeing of the Eastern Michigan University community, please familiarize yourself with the Student Gathering policy which outlines limitations of indoor and outdoor gatherings in accordance with county and state public health orders.

Conduct on Campus

Student Conduct Code (Read the full text of the Code here.)

Before organizing an on-campus event, please familiarize yourself with Eastern Michigan University’s Student Conduct Code. Please note: behavior constituting disruptive conduct, as defined in Section V(E) of the Code, is not tolerated and may result in sanctions for misconduct. The Code also discusses other prohibited conduct regarding University property, facilities and services (see Section V(O)).

Student Organizations Free Speech and Speaker Policy: Board Policy 8.4.3 (Read the full policy here.)

Eastern Michigan University encourages recognized student organizations to invite speakers to campus to address public meetings in the spirit of free exchange of ideas and to promote the timely discussion of a wide variety of issues. Views expressed should be stated openly in order to allow for critical evaluation. Speakers must not urge the audience to take action which is illegal or prohibited by University rules. Any acts that are disruptive to normal University operations will not be tolerated. Further, sponsorship of a speaker must be by a recognized student organization.

Restrictions on Weapons/Dangerous Substances: Board Policy 9.4
(Read the full policy here.)

It is the policy of Eastern Michigan University that no person shall possess or use any firearm or other dangerous weapon, concealed or otherwise, on property owned, leased or controlled by the University or otherwise in the course of University business.

Quiet Hours and Courtesy Hours in Residence Halls: Guide to Campus Living.
(Read the full policy in the Guide to Campus Living here; scroll to page 50.)
Courtesy hours are in effect 24 hours a day. Reasonable requests by fellow residents or staff to lower noise levels within a room or public area should be honored at all times. Regular quiet hours in all residence halls are: Sunday–Thursday10 p.m. to 10 a.m. and Friday–Saturday, midnight-noon. During final exam week, 24-hour quiet hours take effect. Residents who interfere with the rights of others to sleep and study may face immediate suspension from the residence halls.

Using University Space

Facilities Information Policies (Read the full policies here.)

The Facilities Information Policies contain much useful information about the reservation of University space, as well as rules governing planning, logistics, decorations, insurance, and other aspects of on-campus events. It is a good idea to review them thoroughly. The Conference and Event Services office (734.487.4108; [email protected]) manages requests for most of the meeting and event spaces on campus. Please note: groups planning to use University space are responsible for the actions of event participants while they are on campus. If your group needs to obtain insurance, click here to learn more about how to obtain a policy for your event.

Housing and Residence Life Policies (Read the full policy in the Guide to Campus Living here.)

Residence hall lounges and lobbies are for the use of residence hall students. Approved groups may use lounges for programs that are open to only the residents of that complex. The group must contact the Area Complex Director to coordinate such events and are required to seek co-sponsorship with one of the building’s Resident Advisors, Graduate Hall Directors, or Area Complex Director. Hall lounges are not open to the public and use of a lounge is not guaranteed. Groups and their sponsors will be held accountable for any damage done to lounge or meeting spaces caused by their event. Pages 29-37 of Housing and Residence Life’s “Guide to Campus Living” contains helpful information on holding events in residence halls. Please note the Quiet Hours and Courtesy Hours policy described in Section 1, above.

Outside Demonstrations on Campus (Read the full policy here.)

Board policy 8.4.3 requires rallies and parades to be scheduled with the Department of Public Safety. If planning an outside parade, rally, or protest, call the administrative office of the Department of Public Safety at 734.487.0892.

Student Organization Building Policies (Read the full policies here.)

All recognized student organizations must comply with policies regarding their use of designated space in the Student Center. Student organizations should be aware that group office space is only available during regular hours of operation, and may only be used by the organization to which it is assigned. Student groups may not share any allocated space with other groups.

Distributing Literature and Reserving Table Tent Space

Building Administrators. Each University building has different spaces in which literature may be posted and/or distributed. Certain buildings also have spaces where table tent space may be reserved. Details on such spaces in specific buildings are available by contacting the respective building administrator using contact information found in the table below. Download the Student Organization Poster, Flier and Table Tent Policy [PDF].

EMU Student Center Marketing Communication Policy and Procedures. (Read the full Policy here .)

Before placing any signs or literature at the Student Center, groups should review the EMU Student Center Marketing Communication Policy and Procedures, which have specific requirements for table tents, lobby tables, and other displays, including chalking, at the Student Center.

Fundraising, Chalking and Catering

Fundraising: Board Policies 8.4.4 and 14.8

(Read the full policies here.)

Board policies 8.4.4 and 14.8 govern fundraising by student organizations recognized by Eastern Michigan University. Fundraising efforts must benefit the University as a whole and support an educational or public service function. The use of University facilities for sales or solicitations for private gain is prohibited except in certain circumstances. To hold a fundraising event, contact the relevant building administrator listed above.

Chalking (Student Organization Chalking Policy)

Before chalking, student organizations must contact the Physical Plant Grounds and Custodial Department at (734)-487-3684. Chalk may be applied only to approved sidewalk locations and may not be applied within 10 feet of an entrance to any building. Organizations are responsible for removing chalk within 10 days, unless an extension is granted by physical plant. For chalking at the Student Center, please also see the EMU Student Center Marketing Communication Policy and Procedures, at page 11.

Catering: Board Policy 14.9 (Read the full policy here.)

Board policy 14.9 governs catering for all University-sponsored events and events sponsored by external groups using University facilities. University dining services will provide food for all events using University facilities.

Campus Life, 345 Student Center, 900 Oakwood Dr., Ypsilanti, MI 48197 734.487.3045 [email protected]