Start an Organization

Recognition Process

Thinking of starting and organization?

Every active student organization at EMU is required to go through a one time formal recognition process to become established as a student group on campus. You'll be asked to submit the completed application, which will include:

  • A constitution and by-laws for your organization. For your reference, a template is provided for creating constitution and by laws on the Resource Page.
  • A minimum of 5 members, all in good academic and judicial standing with Eastern Michigan University.  All 5 members will be checked for good standing which can take up to 4 weeks after completing their E-Signature Form.
  • An EMU faculty/staff advisor. *Graduate Assistants are unable to serve as the primary advisor for student organizations starting June 1, 2019.*

Your group only has to go through this process once, the first time they seek to become recognized on campus, but must update their officers and advisor any time any of those change through the annual update process, outlined on the Resource Page. The process typically takes four to six weeks from the time of submission to confirmation of recognized organization status. 

Privileges of Recognized Organizations

  • May apply for student activity fee funding for programming through Student Government
  • May apply for conference funding through Campus Life
  • May use University meeting rooms, auditoriums and other designated campus meeting space, free of charge and/or at substantially reduced rates.
  • May use authorized event boards and student bulletin boards for posting fliers about organization activities.
  • Access to and recognition on the student organization web portal management and recruiting tools for your organization.
  • May participate in student organizations fairs for recruiting new members.
  • May apply for office space in the Center for Student Involvement, Student Center.
  • May access Student Government copy machine (reduced rates), and other resource materials in the Center for Student Involvement.
  • May maintain an organization fund (X-fund) account (guidelines and application)--which is the only way to receive money from the University
  • May attend workshops and training sessions for student organization leaders.
  • May hold fundraisers on campus.

Campus Life, 345 Student Center, 900 Oakwood Dr., Ypsilanti, MI 48197 734.487.3045