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Practicums/Internships for Graduate Students

Counseling and Psychological Services typically selects five to seven graduate students to work as student therapists each year. Eligible applicants are graduate students currently enrolled in a relevant graduate program either at EMU or at another accredited university.

Graduate students completing their first practicum typically work around 20 hours per week during the academic year (September-May) to obtain the required hours. Doctoral students may request to work fewer hours per week (usually 16) and extend their placement into the spring or summer terms. The following are the key elements of the practicum/internship experience:

Individual clients

Master's student therapists generally see about eight clients per week. This client load may vary depending on time of year and other factors. Doctoral students on a reduced-hour placement may see about six clients per week.

Intake assessments

Graduate student therapists conduct or assist with at least two intakes each week. Graduate student therapists may be involved in more intakes early in their placement in order to gain experience.

Training sessions

Students attend one didactic training session each week (advanced practicum doctoral students may not have this requirement).

Individual supervision

Each graduate student meets weekly with an assigned licensed senior staff member.

Group supervision

Students meet weekly with senior staff for group supervision or case conferences (advanced practicum doctoral students may not have this requirement).


Workshops are an important part of Counseling and Psychological Services’ outreach efforts. Graduate students may be asked to design and present one or more workshops or a group during their placement under the guidance of individual supervisors.

If you are considering CAPS for your upcoming practicum or internship, please contact Sharon Carney, Ph.D. at 734.487.1118 or [email protected].

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