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Recommendations for Students with a History of Mental Health Concerns

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Eastern Michigan University’s primary mission is to provide a quality education for its students. We recognize that leaving home for the first time to attend college can be a stressful transition. Because this adjustment can potentially lead to emotional issues or cause a relapse of prior mental health problems, the university provides some support services to assist students in reaching their potential.


Students are encouraged to proactively address their mental health concerns prior to coming to campus. These recommendations are offered to help students who either have had past mental health concerns or who currently are dealing with mental health challenges while preparing for the transition to college:

  • Start planning now for a healthy transition to college. The stresses inherent in the transition to college may result in the worsening of your symptoms.
  • Meet with your medical doctor and/or mental health professional to review your medications, discuss anticipated stresses related to starting college, and develop prevention strategies.
  • Contact CAPS for an appointment with a counselor to develop your action plan. We can provide short‐term counseling and help you connect with other community resources.
  • Consider continuing to meet periodically with your mental health professional during your first semester at college rather than starting with someone new and adding to the stress and changes you are experiencing.
  • Take your medication as prescribed. Be careful not to self‐medicate using alcohol or other drugs.
  • Maintain or develop a strong support system of family and friends.
  • If symptoms begin to recur or intensify, respond quickly rather than putting off action.
  • Familiarize yourself with other campus and community mental health resources.
  • If appropriate, register with the the EMU Disability Resource Center.
Additional Resources

The following websites provide information that may be of use to students, their families and other support people:

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