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College of Arts & Sciences

CAS 2012 Operational Goals

I.   Budget

     The college will reduce costs by finding efficiencies in its instructional budget. 

II.  Fundraising

     The CAS Resource Development Board will be reorganized in 2012-2013. 

III. Curriculum and Program Review

     The college will review its academic programs in order to improve quality, find efficiencies, carry out successful accreditation reviews, create new courses, revise curricula and enhance teaching and learning. 

 IV.  Outreach to the Community

       The college will be proactive in developing relationships/partnerships with external communities. 

 V.  Enrollment and Student Advising 

      The college will create a central advising office to better address the advising needs of students. 

VI.  Faculty Development 

      The college will collaborate with institutional units such as the Faculty Development Center to provide faculty with the opportunity to increase teaching skills and strengthen themselves as scholars and creative practitioners. 

VII. Facilities and Infrastructure 

      The college will complete a Strong Hall Program Statement and we will create a preliminary Arts Village Program Statement 

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