Summer 2020 Courses

All of the following course have a Parsons program and housing fee of $200 per student. The Parsons program fee pays for the use of the studio/lab/dining hall at Parsons and the student housing on-site at Parsons. Course may have additional course fees. Students also pay EMU tuition and will need to pay for meals and travel to Parsons. Most courses work collaboratively to travel together and share meals.

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PSYCH 479/592  Pleasures of Life

Thursday, June 25—Sunday, June 28, 2020   |   Dr. Ken Rusiniak and Dr. Pamela Landau

This course combines multiple areas: motivation theory and creativity, the psychology of food and eating, and the psychology of human sexuality. 

AD3D 379/479/592 Sculp-itecture

Friday, July 10—Sunday, July 19, 2020  |  Professors John DeHoog and Brian Nelson  

This studio class will build small scale structures that are part sculpture and part architecture.  Students will plan and construct a site-specific project, influenced by the local natural environment.  Demonstrations will include instruction on a variety of wood and metal processes.

ADGD 379/479/592 Compendium

Friday, July 31—Sunday, August 9, 2020  |  Professor Ryan Molloy

The goal of this class is for students to simply create a compendium or “book of knowledge” that visualizes/represents their understanding and experience acquired during their experience while at Parsons.  Students will act as editor, designer, and curator creating/editing a collection of texts, images, and other physical/visual information that explores a given space, event/occurrence, or object/objects here at Parsons.

AD 279/379/592 Landscape, Environment and the Body

Wednesday, August 12—Friday, August 21, 2020  |  Professor Brooks Stevens

Explore, analyze and utilize both natural and man-made materials to create original artworks that will be embedded in the Parsons campus. Students will create artworks and write reflections in response to their observations of both conflict and synergies within Parsons.  Students are encouraged to find individual ways to connect their mind and body within the spaces.  

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