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Summer 2018 Courses

All of the following course have a Parsons program and housing fee of $200 per student. The Parsons program fee pays for the use of the studio/lab/dining hall at Parsons and the student housing on-site at Parsons. Course may have additional course fees. Students also pay EMU tuition and will need to pay for meals and travel to Parsons. Most courses work collaboratively to travel together and share meals.

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ARTS 379/592 Natural Dyeing and Shibori Techniques

May 4–13, 2018 | Associate Professor Brooks Stevens

Experiment with natural dyeing processes plant and insect base dyes in combination with Shibori resist techniques. In addition to dyeing fabrics, students will learn simple and complex Shibori resist techniques to create pattern, line and other design possibilities on fabric.

PSYCH 362 Honors Psychology of Stress and Relaxation

June 1–3 OR June 8–10 | Dr. Michelle Byrd and additional instruction form a regional lecturer: Heather Hennick.

Two separate groups of the same class over two different weekends: June 1–3 AND June 8–10

This course introduces you to the basic theory, principles and intervention techniques in the psychology of stress and relaxation. Learn about the role of stress on illness and disease and the social, biological and psychological factors influencing individuals' experiences of stress. Learn relaxation strategies for your daily life.

ARTS 379/479/592 Sculpting Time/Controlled Evolution and Decomposition

July 9–18 | Professor Brian Nelson

Using natural materials from the environment and a variety of processes, you'll explore the possibilities inherent in creating sculptural site-specific installations in the beautiful habitat surrounding the center.

PSYCH 479/592 Sex, Food and Creativity: Pleasures of Life

June 21–24, 2018 | Dr. Ken Rusiniak and Dr. Pamela Landau

This course focuses on motivation theory and creativity, through their connections to food and human sexuality.

ARTS 379/479/592 Modern Topography: Explore Place Through Drawing and Design 

July 27–Aug. 5, 2018 | Professor Ryan Molloy and Professor Michael Reedy

Discover the connections between drawing, graphic design and the physical environment. Explore concepts of plein air observation, mapping, wayfinding and storytelling.

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