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Inviting an International Scholar

Often, faculty or departments will receive requests from scholars from another country who would like to continue studying and research along with an EMU faculty member.  Also, EMU faculty members may know a colleague in another country whom they'd like to invite to work more closely together.

CAS has an established procedure for inviting international scholars. 

  1. Be sure that the Head of the Department is aware of the possibility of a Visiting Scholar
  2. Inform Betsy Morgan, Coordinator of International Initiatives, CAS, of the intent to invite a scholar.  Forward to her the request with the scholar's CV and any other documentation (e.g., for funding)
  3. Visiting Scholars are required to obtain a J-1 visa.  In order to give them the document, a DS-2019, they need, both  scholars and the inviting faculty members must complete a request for a DS-2019.   When completed, the forms should be sent to Betsy Morgan, along with a scan of the Visiting Scholar's passport photo page and a scan of any letter documenting funding sources.
  4. The packet will be forwarded to the Office of International Students with a cover letter.  When the DS-2019 is ready, it will be express-mailed to the Visiting Scholar, who will use that document to obtain a visa.
  5. Once approved for a visa, Visiting Scholars should notify the sponsoring department and/or faculty of the date of their arrival so that airport pick-up and EMU privileges such as Rec/IM and library access can be arranged.  Visiting Scholars will be provided an EID and a my.emich email account.  
  6. Visiting Scholars often need housing.  Most Visiting Scholars prefer to live on campus because of a lack of transportation.  Therefore, CAS can make arrangements for Visiting Scholars to rent an on-campus apartment.  CAS provides apartment supplies such as bedding linens, pots and pans and kitchen utensils.

Please contact Betsy Morgan if you have any questions.

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