Eastern Michigan University

College of Arts and Sciences Assessment Committee (CASAC)

2013-14 Committee Members

Doug Baker, CASAC Chair, English <[email protected]>
John Dunn, Faculty, English <[email protected]>
Jenny Kindred, Faculty, CMTA <[email protected]>
Cynthia Macknish, Faculty, World Languages <[email protected]>

Department Heads

Alex Oakes, DH, Physics and Astronomy, <[email protected]>
Viktor Okafor, DH, Africology and African American Studies <[email protected]>
Steve Pernecky, DH, Chemistry <[email protected]>

Chris Foreman, Liaison-Gen Ed, <[email protected]>
Suzanne Gray, Liaison-Library, <[email protected]>
Beth Kubitskey, Liaison-COE, <[email protected]>
Kate Mehuron, Associate Dean <[email protected]>

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