Game Above Satellite Consultants

The Game Above satellite (formerly the College of Engineering & Technology) has locations in Sill and Roosevelt for the Fall 2021 semester and offers in-person consultations by appointment on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday September 13 - December 14. Game Above students may also visit one of our General Undergraduate Writing consultants for in-person, Zoom, or written feedback consultations. To schedule a consultation, go to WCOnline.


Master's Program in Linguistics

Jenni is a first-year graduate student in the Linguistics Master’s program. They completed their undergraduate degree in astronomy and physics at the University of Wisconsin Madison in 2016. This is their first year consulting with EMU’s University Writing Center; they have previous experience as both a writing consultant and a tutor at UW Madison. They have lived in Ypsilanti for five years. In their free time, they enjoy reading (primarily fantasy and science fiction), writing, watching movies, playing violin, stargazing, and exploring Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor. They are passionate about science, and love any opportunity to geek out about astronomy. Jenni is fascinated by all aspects of linguistics, but their current goal is to do language preservation work after they graduate.


Master's Program in English Linguistics

Mitchell is a second-year graduate student in the MA Linguistics program and an instructor for the First-Year Writing Program. They worked as a peer tutor in the UWC as an undergraduate student. They enjoy helping students discover themselves in their writing. Mitchell likes to help students use their interests in their work.. Their free time is dedicated to diving, books, and their cat.

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