Graduate Studies Consultants


Master of Arts in Professional Writing
Graduate Certificate, Teaching of Writing
Bachelor of Arts, English/Secondary Education

Beth has been working at the University Writing Center since 2009. Though originally a high school English teacher, her love of clear and concise scientific writing drives her to work primarily with writers in the sciences. She especially loves the intricate details involved in all things APA. When not working, she spends time with her cat, Darcy, and reads like it's going out of style.

Cecilia (Fall & Winter)

PhD in English Language and Literature

Cecilia has been teaching college-level writing and literature classes since 1988 at UofM and EMU. In 2000, she left teaching to start a family, launch a writing consultation service, and become a beekeeper. When her daughter was four years old, Cecilia returned to teaching at EMU where she now works jointly for the University Writing Center and the School of Nursing. She also teaches beekeeping at MSU's Novi Campus, runs approximately 100 hives of honey bees in Northfield Township and at The Farm at St. Joe's Hospital, and sells many types of honey bee products at local farmers markets and festivals.

Kaia (Fall & Winter)

PhD in Educational Studies
Master of Cultural Studies and Critical Theory
Bachelor's Degree in English Secondary Education

Kaia earned her Ph.D. in Educational Studies at EMU and wrote her dissertation on the topic of secondary-level teachers' writing pedagogy and identity. She attended EMU for her BA as well and McMaster University for her MA. As a consultant for the UWC for a few years, in her work with newcomers in a public library, and as a former writing teacher, Kaia loves talking about language and learning from all kinds of writers. She is also passionate about equitable and accessible education. While much of Kaia's life revolves around writing and language, she also enjoys creating art, cooking and baking, caring for houseplants, and spending time with her cat. 


Master of Arts in Literature
Master's Certificate in the Teaching of Writing

In addition to consulting with the UWC, Laura is a part-time lecturer in the First-Year Writing Program (WRTG 120 and WRTG 121) and in Nursing (NURS 300W). She began her career as a high school English and history teacher, moving to EMU in 2015 as a graduate assistant in Literature, the First-Year Writing Program (FYWP), and the University Writing Center (UWC). After graduation, she continued as a part-time lecturer in First-Year Writing and a consultant with the UWC. In 2019, she became an associate director of the FYWP. Laura's focus in the UWC is on working with graduate students, faculty, and nursing students, which has led to collaborations and publications across disciplines.


Master of Arts in Women's and Gender Studies

Rachel earned her Master of Arts from EMU in Women’s and Gender Studies, with a concentration in Educational Leadership, where she also worked at the UWC as a writing consultant during her undergraduate and graduate years. In addition to working with the UWC, Rachel is currently a part–time lecturer in the Women’s and Gender Studies Department (WGST 200 & WGST 202), and also teaches writing intensive courses (BMMT 300W). Outside of reading, writing, and teaching, Rachel spends most of her spare time with her partner and their son, gardening, baking or being outside. 

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