Athletics Satellite Consultants

The Athletics satellite is closed for the summer, but EMU's undergraduate student athletes can still schedule consultations with any of our summer consultants May 9 – August 15 through WCOnline. If you're quick, you may even be able to consult with Kristi, the Athletics Satellite Coordinator!


Master of Arts, Children's Literature
Bachelor of Arts, Children's Literature

Kristi has been a consultant at the University Writing Center for four years, while she worked to complete both her undergraduate and graduate degree in Children's Literature. In addition to her work with the UWC, she is also a First-Year Writing Instructor. She loves to be a mom, read, write, learn, listen to podcasts and cross-stitch in her "free" time, as well as consult with a variety of different writers from the UWC, YpsiWrites, and the Washtenaw County Writing Center for Secondary Students.

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