Science Success Center Consultants

The Science Success Center (SSC) serves students studying the sciences. These students can schedule consultations with any of our consultants through WCOnline, or consult with one of our specialized science consultants below.


Master of Arts in Professional Writing; Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Writing; Bachelor of Arts in English and Secondary Education

Beth has been working at the University Writing Center since 2009. Though originally a high school English teacher, her love of clear and concise scientific writing drives her to work primarily with writers in the sciences. She especially loves the intricate details involved in all things APA. When not working, she spends time with her cat, Darcy, and reads like it's going out of style.


Bachelor of Science in Biology with a concentration in ecology, organismal diversity, and evolution and a minor in plant biology; pursuing Master of Science in Biology with a focus on ecology, evolution, and organismal biology

This is Emily’s first semester working in the writing center at the Mark Jefferson location. She has taken the writing intensive biology courses and is familiar and comfortable with scientific writing. In her free time she works in the EMU greenhouse, a local plant nursery, and she gardens on the side. Emily intends to learn all the necessary skills to be an amazing botanist in her remaining time at EMU.


Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics 

Joud is a junior majoring in engineering physics, obsessed with aliens and space. She has always considered writing a type of art and art is one of her favorite fields to explore. She has been a tutor for an entire semester now and loves meeting people and getting to know them and seeing things from their perspectives as written on paper. As an aspiring NASA engineer, she thinks it’s nice to be an expert in writing because we never know what news come tomorrow.


Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience; pursuing Master of Science in Experimental Psychology, and a Master of Science in Clinical Behavioral Psychology

This is Sarah's first year working for the UWC, but my seventh year at EMU (on degree number 3!). She has always had a passion for science (specifically neuro and psychology), and has dedicated many years to working on her writing skills in those areas. She has worked as an SI and a teaching graduate assistant in different psychology and neuroscience courses on campus. Sarah's specific background makes her passionate about scientific writing and helping students dive into this world. Outside of school, she coaches color guard and is a proud EMU marching band alumni. In Sarah's career as a clinical psychologist and board-certified behavior analyst, she wants to help children with learning differences to succeed in navigating a world built for the neurotypical. 


Bachelor of Science in Biological Science, concentration on Cell & Molecular Biology; pursuing Masters of Science in General Biology 


This is Autumn's first semester working in the UMC, and she couldn't be more excited! She has written scientific papers in an academic setting and feels comfortable researching different topics. Autumn has also done a lot of scientific writing in a professional setting, doing SOP writing and documents for laboratory investigational testing. She has three dogs at home and enjoys the time she spends with them, cuddling together, vibing to whatever music is playing in the background. Autumn is also interested in bowling and tries to go at least twice a month. 


Bachelor of Science in Genetics and Genomics; pursuing Master of Science in Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology

This is Zach's first semester working in the UWC and second semester as a GA in the biology department. He has written a variety of scientific pieces throughout his academic career and is excited to help up-and-coming scientists hone their skills. After graduation, he plans on working as a wildlife conservation biologist. In his free time he likes to watch movies and travel.


Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science & Society: Biology Concentration with a Minor in German Language; pursuing Master of Science in Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology

This is Bradley's first semester working for the University Writing Center, at the Mark Jefferson location. He has taken a variety of writing intensive courses at EMU and has worked as an SI and graduate teaching assistant for multiple biology classes. He is excited to take on a new role at the writing center, and hopes to help students feel more comfortable with the writing process. Bradley works in EMU's arachnid research lab and enjoys learning to care for a variety of plants and animals. Outside of school, Bradley is a park interpreter and hopes to continue with a career in environmental education. 




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