Science Success Center Consultants

The Science Success Center (SSC) serves students studying the sciences. These students can schedule consultations with any of our consultants through WCOnline, or consult with one of our specialized science consultants below.


Master of Arts Professional Writing
Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Writing
Bachelor of Arts degree in English/Secondary Education

Beth has been working at the University Writing Center since 2009. Though originally a high school English teacher, her love of clear and concise scientific writing drives her to work primarily with writers in the sciences. She especially loves the intricate details involved in all things APA. When not working, she spends time with her cat, Darcy, and reads like it's going out of style.


Pursuing Master of Arts in Educational Leadership - Higher Education/Student Affairs

Bianca is a 1st year graduate student pursuing her Master of Arts in Educational Leadership- Higher Education and Student Affairs. Before attending graduate school, Bianca worked as a College Advisor in AmeriCorps. She has a passion for assisting students before, during, and after their college careers. Bianca hopes to one day work as an Academic Advisor geared towards serving underrepresented students. Bianca loves learning new languages, watching Marvel movies, and spending time with her cat, Bridget. 

Brian S.

Pursuing Master's Degree in Clinical Research Administration

Brian is currently a 2nd year Master's student in the Clinical Research Administration program here at Eastern. He completed his undergraduate at Grand Valley State University in exercise science and philosophy. Brian has an extensive history working in the writing center environment. He has had the opportunity to consult for GVSU's writing center, and the privilege to serve Eastern's writing center in various capacities. His consulting philosophy is centered around meeting the student wherever they are in the writing process, and assist in cultivating skills and confidence in writing. Brian enjoys bowling, hiking, and is incredibly enthusiastic about bears. 


Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics

Joud is an undergraduate majoring in engineering physics, with an interest in writing and literature analysis. Her first language is Arabic and her interest in languages made it easy for her to be fluent in English and Turkish too. She works as a writer for The Eastern Echo and enjoys doing all kinds of research and asking questions about the universe and life in general. In her free time, she likes to read, swim and paint. 

Rachael L.

Pursuing Master of Science Degree in General Clinical Psychology

In addition to being a writing consultant, Rachael is a Clinical Psychology Master's student at EMU with impassioned research interests in the areas of trauma and diversity in clinical populations. She intends to pursue her doctorate in psychology, after which she aspires to open her own practice as a therapist while contributing to scientific literature. To decompress, Rachael enjoys roller skating, baking, and planning her next trip to Disney World.

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