Workshop Facilitators



Master of Arts in Written Communication: The Teaching of Writing; Bachelor of Arts in English Language with a minor in Journalism

Bryan has been a writing consultant at EMU since 2014 and began serving as the University Writing Center Satellite Coordinator for the College of Health & Human Services in 2017. He is a part-time lecturer who teaches writing intensive classes in both the School of Nursing and the Health Administration Program. Bryan enjoys working at the writing center because it gives him the opportunity to work one on one with students and to witness firsthand as they learn about themselves and grow as writers. In his free time, Bryan likes listening to a broad range of music genres (blues, rap, rock, classical, R&B, pop, folk, etc.) and going to concerts; spending time cuddling with his cat, Olivia, while watching Netflix shows like "The Umbrella Academy," "Stranger Things," and "Peaky Blinders"; going to museums; drawing and painting; and getting his geek on by regularly playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends.


Master of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies; Bachelor of Science in Women’s and Gender Studies; pursuing PhD in Educational Studies

Rachel earned her Master of Arts from EMU in Women’s and Gender Studies, with a concentration in Educational Leadership, where she also worked at the UWC as a writing consultant during her undergraduate and graduate years. In addition to working with the UWC, Rachel is currently a part–time lecturer in the Women’s and Gender Studies Department (WGST 200 & WGST 202), and also teaches writing intensive courses (BMMT 300W). Outside of reading, writing, and teaching, Rachel spends most of her spare time with her partner and their son, gardening, baking or being outside. 


PhD in Rhetoric & Professional Communication; Master of Arts in Teaching of Writing; Bachelor of Science in Written Communication, Technical Communication Emphasis

Rhonda, an EMU alumnus, earned her PhD in Rhetoric & Professional Communication from Iowa State University. Rhonda taught technical communication for 19 years—including eight years at The University of Michigan College of Engineering—before returning to the UWC in 2020 as administrator coordinating the workshops, online resources, and online scheduling for undergraduate consultations. In her previous work for the UWC, Rhonda helped to develop and co-taught the first writing intensive courses in the RN-BSN program at Eastern.


Master of Arts Degree in Linguistics 

Shelby is the UWC Satellite Coordinator for Pray-Harrold. She got both her bachelor’s and master degrees at Eastern Michigan University. She enjoys working at the UWC because she loves helping students learn to enjoy writing. 


PhD in English Renaissance Literature

Cecilia has been teaching literature, theory, and professional writing since the 1990s to undergraduate and graduate students at EMU and the University of Michigan. She currently serves as the UWC coordinator to CHHS and supports writing initiatives across the university and in the local community. She also teaches beekeeping, operates three apiaries, and runs an organization that promotes the therapeutic power of beekeeping for individuals with PTSD, as well as the healing role of bee products in human and animal health. 


Master of Arts in Children's Literature, Bachelor of Arts in Children's Literature with a minor in Business

Kristi has been a consultant at the University Writing Center for seven years, while she worked to complete both her undergraduate and graduate degree in Children's Literature. In addition to her work with the UWC, she is also a part-time lecturer in the Children's Literature Department and the Co-Director of Partnerships and Programs for YpsiWrites. In her "free" time you can most often find Kristi reading a books by her favorite author Adam Gidwitz, listening to a podcast, out hiking, assembling a puzzle, or cheering on her teenagers at their various activities. Kristi enjoys her work as a consultant because it allows her to learn and work with students from different areas of study and interest.

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