WCOnline Appointment Focus Codes


In WCOnline, to see only the availability of consultants with your focus, use the drop-down "Limit to" menu and select your focus before you create an appointment.

When you use WCOnline to request either written feedback or a Zoom appointment, you will be required to choose an Appointment Focus for your work. This will direct you to a consultant who can best help you with your writing. This page will help you determine which focus to choose based on your course prefix or the type of writing you are doing.

To use this page:

  1. Click on the letter of the alphabet that corresponds to the first letter of your course (click on "other" for work not associated with a course)
  2. Locate your course prefix in the list
  3. Use the Appointment Focus code listed after the colon when you schedule your appointment in WCOnline

For further help, email the UWCV Coordinator, Rhonda L. McCaffery, at [email protected]. For graduate or faculty writing support, see our UWC for Graduates or UWC for Faculty pages or email the UWCGS Coordinator, Beth Sabo, at [email protected].

  • A - B

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    ACC (Accounting): CAS Humanities Coursework
    AD (Art & Design): CAS Humanities Coursework
    AD2D (Art & Design – 2D): CAS Humanities Coursework
    AD3D (Art & Design – 3D): CAS Humanities Coursework
    ADGD (Art & Design – Graphic Design): CAS Humanities Coursework
    ADPM (Art & Design – Photo & New Media): CAS Humanities Coursework
    AFC (Africology): CAS Humanities Coursework
    AGIN (Aging Studies): CHHS Coursework (add level of class)
    AHPR (Associated Health Professions): CHHS Coursework (add level of class)
    AMA (Arts Management): CAS Humanities Coursework
    AMUS (Applied Music): CAS Humanities Coursework
    ANTH (Anthropology): CAS Humanities Coursework
    ARTE (Art Education): COE Coursework
    ARTH (Art History): CAS Humanities Coursework
    ARTS (Art Studio): CAS Humanities Coursework
    ASTR (Astronomy): CAS STEM Coursework
    ATM (Apparel Textiles Merchandising): CET Coursework
    ATTR (Athletic Training): CHHS Coursework (add level of class)
    AVFO (Aviation Flight Operations): CET Coursework
    AVFT (Aviation Flight Technology): CET Coursework
    AVMT (Aviation Management Technology): CET Coursework
    AVT (Aviation Technology): CET Coursework


    BIO (Biology): BIO Coursework
    BMMT (Business, Management, Marketing, & Technology): COB Coursework

  • C - D

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    CADM (Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing): CET Coursework
    CASI (College of Arts & Sciences): CAS Humanities Coursework
    CET (Computer Engineering Technology): CET Coursework
    CHEM (Chemistry): CAS STEM Coursework
    CHL (Children's Literature): CAS Humanities Coursework
    CIVE (Civil Engineering): CET Coursework
    CLAS (Classics Courses): CAS Humanities Coursework
    CLSC (Clinical Laboratory Sciences): CHHS Coursework (add level of class)
    CMT (Communication Technology): CET Coursework
    CNST (Construction Management): CET Coursework
    COB (College of Business): COB Coursework
    COMM (Communication): CAS Humanities Coursework
    COSC (Computer Science): CAS Humanities Coursework
    COTS (College of Technology Studies): CET Coursework
    COUN (Counseling): COE Coursework
    CRM (Criminology): CAS Humanities Coursework
    CRTW (Creative Writing): CAS Humanities Coursework
    CSD (Communication Sciences and Disorders): COE Coursework
    CSIE (Creative Scientific Inquiry Experience): CAS STEM Coursework
    CTAA (CTA – Activities): CAS Humanities Coursework
    CTAO (CTA – Interpretation/Performance Studies): CAS Humanities Coursework
    CTAR (CTA – Theatre and Educational Drama): CAS Humanities Coursework
    CTAT (CTA – Telecommunications and Film): CAS Humanities Coursework
    CTWE (Career, Technical & Workforce Education): CET Coursework
    CURR (Curriculum): COE Coursework


    DANC (Dance): CAS Humanities Coursework
    DS (Decision Science): COB Coursework
    DSTD (Disability Studies): COE Coursework
    DTC (Dietetics): CHHS Coursework (add level of class)

  • E - F

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    ECE (Early Childhood Education): COE Coursework
    ECON (Economics): CAS Humanities Coursework
    EDT (Entertainment Design & Technology): CAS Humanities Coursework
    EECE (Electrical & Computer Engineering): CET Coursework
    EDLD (Educational Leadership): COE Coursework
    EDPS (Educational Psychology): COE Coursework
    EDUC (Student Teaching): COE Coursework
    ELEC (Electronic Engineering Technology): CET Coursework
    ENGL (English): CAS Humanities Coursework
    ENVI (Environmental Science): CAS STEM Coursework
    ESLN (English for International Students): CAS Humanities Coursework
    ESSC (Earth Systems Science): CAS STEM Coursework
    ET (Engineering Technology): CET Coursework
    ETWE (Engineering, Technology, & Workforce Teacher Education): CET Coursework OR COE Coursework
    EXSC (Exercise Science): CHHS Coursework (add level of class)


    FERM (Fermentation Science): CAS STEM Coursework
    FIN (Finance): COB Coursework
    FLAN (General Foreign Language & Bilingual-Bicultural): COE Coursework
    FMI (Fashion Marketing & Innovation): CET Coursework

  • G - H

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    GEOG (Geography): CAS STEM Coursework
    GHPR (Historic Preservation): CAS STEM Coursework


    HIST (History): CAS Humanities Coursework
    HLAD (Health Administration): CHHS Coursework (add level of class)
    HLED (Health Education): CHHS Coursework (add level of class)
    HRM (Hotel & Restaurant Management): CET Coursework
    HSEM (Homeland Security & Emergency Management): CET Coursework

  • I - J

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    IA (Information Assurance): CET Coursework
    IB (International Business): COB Coursework
    IDE (Interior Design): CET Coursework
    IDES (Interior Design - Studio): CET Coursework
    IHHS (College of Health & Human Services): CHHS Coursework (add level of class)
    IS (Information Systems): COB Coursework
    ISAC (Information Security & Applied Computing): CET Coursework
    IT (Information Technology): CET Coursework


    JRNL (Journalism): CAS Humanities Coursework
    JSTS (Jewish Studies): CAS Humanities Coursework

  • K - L

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    LAW (Law): COB Coursework
    LEAD (Leadership): COE Coursework
    LEGA (Paralegal Elective): CET Coursework
    LEGL (Paralegal): CET Coursework
    LING (Linguistics): CAS Humanities Coursework
    LITR (Literature): CAS Humanities Coursework
    LNGE (Language): CAS Humanities Coursework
    LTEC (Learning Technology and Design): COE Coursework

  • M - N

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    MATH (Mathematics): CAS STEM Coursework
    ME (Mechanical Engineering): CET Coursework
    MET (Mechanical Engineering Technology): CET Coursework
    MFG (Manufacturing): CET Coursework
    MGMT (Management): COB Coursework
    MKTG (Marketing): COB Coursework
    MSL (Military Science & Leadership): CET Coursework
    MUED (Music Education): CAS Humanities Coursework OR COE Coursework
    MUEN (Music Ensembles): CAS Humanities Coursework
    MUSC (Music): CAS Humanities Coursework
    MUTH (Music Therapy): CAS Humanities Coursework


    NSCI (Neuroscience): CAS STEM Coursework
    NURS (Nursing): NURS Coursework (add level of class)

  • O - P

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    OCTH (Occupational Therapy): CHHS Coursework (add level of class)
    OM (Operations Management): COB Coursework
    ORPR (Orthotics and Prosthetics): CHHS Coursework (add level of class)


    PC (Polymers and Coatings): CET Coursework
    PDET (Product Design Engineering Technology): CET Coursework
    PEGN (Physical Education General): CHHS Coursework (add level of class)
    PHED (Physical Education): CHHS Coursework (add level of class)
    PHIL (Philosophy): CAS Humanities Coursework
    PHY (Physics): CAS STEM Coursework
    PLSC (Political Science): CAS Humanities Coursework
    PR (Public Relations): CAS Humanities Coursework
    PRCT (Practicum): COE Coursework
    PS (Public Safety): CAS Humanities Coursework
    PSCI (Physical Science): CAS STEM Coursework
    PSY (Psychology): PSY Coursework

  • Q - R

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    QUAL (Quality Technology): CET Coursework


    RDNG (Reading): COE Coursework
    RECR (Recreation): CHHS Coursework (add level of class)
    RLST (Religious Studies): CAS Humanities Coursework

  • S - T

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    SAG (Simulation, Animation, & Gaming): CET Coursework
    SAGA (Simulation, Animation, & Gaming - Animation): CET Coursework
    SAGG (Simulation, Animation, & Gaming – Gaming): CET Coursework
    SAGS (Simulation, Animation, & Gaming – Simulation): CET Coursework
    SCM (Supply Chain Management): COB Coursework
    SET (School of Engineering Technology): CET Coursework
    SFCE (Social Foundations): COE Coursework
    SMGT (Sport Management): CHHS Coursework (add level of class)
    SOCL (Sociology): CAS Humanities Coursework
    SPAI (Autism Spectrum): COE Coursework
    SPCI (Cognitive Impairment): COE Coursework
    SPEI (Emotional Impairment): COE Coursework
    SPGN (Special Education): COE Coursework
    SPHI (Hearing Impairment): COE Coursework
    SPLI (Learning Disabilities): COE Coursework
    SPPI (Physical & Health Impairment): COE Coursework
    SPVI (Visual Impairment): COE Coursework
    SSC (Staff & Command): CET Coursework
    STAT (Statistics): CAS STEM Coursework
    SWKE (Social Work - Electives): CHHS Coursework (add level of class)
    SWRK (Social Work): CHHS Coursework (add level of class)


    THRC (Therapeutic Recreation): CHHS Coursework (add level of class)
    TM (Technology Management): CET Coursework
    TSLN (TESOL): CAS Humanities Coursework

  • U - W

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    UNIV (University): UNIV Coursework
    URP (Urban & Regional Planning): CAS STEM Coursework




    WGST (Women’s & Gender Studies): CAS Humanities Coursework
    WRTG (Writing): CAS Humanities Coursework

  • Other

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    • Cover letters that are not for class assignments: Non Coursework
    • Graduate school applications: Non Coursework
    • Medical school applications: Medical School Applications
    • Personal statements for graduate school: Non Coursework
    • Resumes that are not for class assignments: Non Coursework
    • Scholarship essays and applications: Non Coursework
    • Senior theses: Non Coursework
    • Other types of writing that were not assigned in a course: Non Coursework

    If you do not find your work in this list or in the course listings above, or if a consultant is not available in your focus, choose Help me find my focus.

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