About the University Writing Center

Overview and Mission Statement

Writing is the cornerstone of an educated citizenry. In an increasingly connected and global world, the ability to communicate is paramount. In such a world, there is a need for students to become flexible writers/communicators with the ability to move between the many environments and situations in which they will need to communicate. Our aim is to improve students' writing and thinking, as well as to improve the teaching of those things, both through the one-on-one work we do with students as well as through the work we do with instructors, in addition to working with parents on ways to support writing.


UWC Virtual

We are excited to offer online writing support to all undergraduate students through two options:

  • Synchronous appointments with a writing consultant through Google Meet or
  • Asynchronous support through emailed feedback.

All undergraduate online submissions for University Writing Center feedback should be submitted to University Writing Center Virtual.

How can graduate students receive writing support?

If you are a graduate student, please contact Beth Sabo, the coordinator of the University Writing Center for Graduate Studies, at [email protected], to submit a document, schedule a Google Meet appointment, or inquire about UWCGS policies and services, which differ from those offered to undergraduates. 

One-to-One Consulting

Students and faculty can receive one-on-one support at the main UWC location in 115 Halle Library or at one of the satellite locations. One-on-one support is also available in the Academic Projects Center (APC) in 116 Halle Library and at our satellite locations in Marshall, Owen, Pray-Harrold and Mark Jefferson.

Targeted Workshops

Targeted workshops can be developed and delivered to specific classes. These workshops can be delivered virtually or in your classroom. Additionally, sets of workshops can be adapted and delivered to students in particular programs and disciplines. The UWC director and UWC consultants meet with faculty to tailor workshops to course or student needs. Request a workshop for your class.

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