Journaling to Make Sense of This Time

We are living through an unprecedented moment in history—a time which has already created uncertainty, creativity, boredom, heroism, confusion . . . and more.  How can we use writing to make sense of this moment? How can we use it to document this moment? How can we use it to share this moment with others?

Keeping a Journal

We encourage you to keep a record of what you are experiencing  right now. You could include:

  • your day-to-day activities
  • how you are responding to your experiences and feelings
  • questions that you’re having
  • what you are grateful for
  • what you are doing--as an individual or a family--to keep busy and to keep your spirits up
  • social media posts and videos that have made you laugh or made you think
  • doodles, drawings, or snapshots of your life right now, with captions that explain why these are important

How to Keep a Journal

There is no one way to keep a journal! Here are three options you might consider:

  • Personal Journal: Some people like to write every day for 5-15 minutes, often at the same time (when you first wake up or at the end of your day).  Others might write once or twice a week. Some people like to keep a notebook and write in pen; others prefer to write at a computer.
  • Family Journal: You might consider keeping a family journal, in which members of your family take turns writing.  These different voices can offer different perspectives.
  • Video Journal: You might consider keeping a video journal in which you (and members of your family) record each day or each week your responses.

Helpful Links

Here are two very different ideas about journal writing during this time that might provide some inspiration:

  1. “Write It Down: Historian Suggests Keeping a Record of Life During Pandemic” 
  2.  “Students Journals Could Be Primary Sources”

Journal Invitations

If you're journaling with us, let us know on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (@YpsiWrites). Use #YpsiWritesJournals to share your writing with us! We've listed some journaling invitations below in case you need a bit of inspiration to get started.

  1. What was your day like today?  What activities did you do? What people did you communicate with?

  2. What are you doing during this social distancing that helps you stay busy and connected?

  3. Who are you grateful for?  What are you grateful for?

  4. What are you reading? Watching? Writing?  How are those activities helping?

  5. Take a few snapshots that represent your day.  What do they tell us about your life during this social distancing?

  6. Are you getting outside at all?  What are you noticing when you’re out in nature?  How does that make you feel?

  7. What was your day like today?  How has your daily activity changed over the last weeks?


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