About Us


The GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology provides world-class experiences in engineering, technology, cybersecurity, construction management, autonomous vehicles, drone technology, aviation, and other areas of study in high-demand career fields.

GameAbove is a team of passionate Eastern Michigan University alumni who desire to make a difference for the University. The team includes a diverse group from all ages and backgrounds, including former EMU student-athletes, current entrepreneurs and successful businesspeople, and Hall of Famers and select EMU coaches—all EMU graduates.

Students in the GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology learn, study and create primarily in Roosevelt Hall and in Sill Hall, which recently underwent a $40 million renovation and includes:

  • Research labs: Sill now offers dedicated engineering research labs where faculty members can do their research and collaborate with students. An example is the Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering lab, where three to four faculty members can work simultaneously. Such a feature is crucial in attracting top-notch faculty, who will directly inquire about the opportunity a facility offers to advance their research.
  • Jack E. Roush Automotive lab: A distinctly hands-on area where students can work on automotive systems, research, and learn about automotive computer technology that resists hacking efforts. The lab also supports the EMU Baja SAE student vehicle team.
  • Woods Construction Construction Management lab: A completely renovated construction management lab where students can learn the skills, safety practices, and fundamentals of construction processes. The lab also supports the Eastern Constructors student organization.
  • Robotics lab: Students going into engineering manufacturing will benefit greatly from using one of the five robotic arms in the lab—a key feature of so many plants and production facilities.
  • 3D printing lab: The impact of 3D printing can be seen here, as students design and create elements to support class projects.
  • Cybersecurity teaching labs: Along with its regular computer network, Sill has three dedicated cybersecurity classrooms on a separate network and is equipped with a state-of-the-art HyFlex facility, a different setup for students in cybersecurity and IT programs. 

In addition, the cybersecurity teaching labs are loaded with new computers and offer three options for students, all in one classroom. They can experience a live lecture in class, via Zoom, or an asynchronous, recorded lecture. Such a three-pronged option broadens enrollment possibilities for students who cannot regularly make it to campus because of work and other demands.

  • Flexible maker space: Both Sill and Roosevelt Halls offer areas where faculty and students can engage in various projects. Electrical outlets hang from the ceiling, offering easier maneuvering. The availability of such work areas can help faculty attract grants and enhance collaboration with companies and businesses.
  • Virtual reality lab: An immersive and active environment integrated with state-of-the-art hardware and software, with researchers working on reconfigurable manufacturing and design visualization.
  • Additional labs in Roosevelt Hall include Textile Testing, Aviation Simulation, Industrial Fabric Cutting, and 2D/3D CAD labs. 

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