Faculty Spotlight - Tareq Khan

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Dr. Tareq Khan
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Dr. Tareq Khan


About Dr. Tareq Khan

Dr. Tareq Khan is an associate professor in the GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology. Dr. Khan received a Ph.D. degree from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. He has taught at EMU for about 5 years and teaches computer engineering courses in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer and Electrical Engineering Technology programs.

Purpose of Teaching

Dr. Khan is passionate about engineering and teaching others about it brings joy for him. Teaching is valuable for him as it helps the students to grow, gain expertise, and become curious on the subject. As a student, Dr. Khan met some exceptional professors who shaped his thought process and inspired him.

Research Agenda/Fields of Study

Currently, Dr. Khan teaches computer-related courses such as embedded systems, microcontrollers, digital logic design, digital system design with hardware description language (HDL) and field programmable gate array (FPGA), web and database development, etc. He has authored 60+ publications in the area of artificial intelligence, deep learning, smart home, embedded systems, the internet of things (IoT), and image processing. Dr. Khan also had 2 U.S. patents issued in 2015. Dr. Khan has also received several internal research awards such as Summer Research/Creative Activity Award (SRA), Faculty Research Fellowship (FRF), CoRE, GameAbove Faculty First Funding, and James H. Brickley Endowment awards.

To view Dr. Khan's full list of publications, visit his Google Scholar profile

Professional/Academic goals while at EMU

Goals for students

  • Gain intrinsic rewards by mastering computer engineering topics, becoming lifelong learners, enjoying the experience, and contributing to society. Students need to be motivated for critical thinking, open discussion, and participatory learning. The technical knowledge the students learn today can be replaced with more robust and mature technologies tomorrow. Understanding the fundamental theories and
    paying attention to the learning process will make them adaptable to learning newer technology as their career goes on.

Personal goals

  • Develop a new course on IoT with the latest technologies. Dr. Khan would like to continue working on research projects related to IoT and
    deep learning, and publish conference papers and journal articles.

Favorite thing about the College of Engineering and Technology

One of Dr. Khan's favorite things about the CET is the mission statement. By emphasizing the practical application of scientific knowledge matches his teaching and research approach. 

Advancement of Engineering and Technology in 10 years

In 10 years, Dr. Khan would expect household robots, autonomous cars, and lots of IoT-connected smart devices in our lives. He also foresees that technologies for clean energy and sustainability will be vital.

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