Faculty Spotlight - Vijaykumar Mannari

Dr. Vijay Mannari

Dr. Vijay Mannari

About Dr. Vijay Mannari

Dr. Vijay Mannari is a professor at the GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology (GACET). Dr. Mannari teaches in the Polymers and Coatings Technology program. He has taught at EMU since 2002. Before coming to EMU, he had worked in an Industry R&D leadership position for over eight years and ~2 years as a post-doctoral fellow at Texas State University.

At EMU, he became a full professor in 2012 and has been the Director of the Coatings Research Institute. Currently, he is serving as Director School of Engineering (Interim).

Purpose of Teaching

After Dr. Mannari immigrated to the U.S. in 2001 and completed a post-doctoral fellowship, he had a choice to make. One option was to take up an attractive corporate job and rise on that ladder while another was to pursue his dream of exploring new frontiers in polymer technology and passion for innovations. He chose the latter and joined EMU as it promised him opportunities of working on cutting-edge research while continuously learning through teaching in our graduate programs. Dr. Mannari remained steadfast and never looked back on his choice, despite many lucrative opportunities from industries and other institutions along the way.

In this era of fast-paced developments, pursuing cutting-edge research and innovation requires
keeping up with the latest knowledge and advancements in the field by continuous learning. Dr. Mannari strongly believes that teaching is the best way for learning. This is the reason he chose teaching as a profession; it provides a platform for continuous learning while ample avenues to collaborate with outstanding faculty colleagues and industry partners in advancing research and innovation.

Research Agenda/Fields of Study

Dr. Mannari teaches graduate courses in Polymers and Coatings that fall under a broad area of material science and engineering. Within the U.S., only a handful of universities offer specialized academic courses and programs in coatings. Dr. Mannari and his fellow faculty members are responsible for designing and delivering programs aligned with the recent developments and the needs of the industries serving our graduates. The demand for our graduates is scattered across the country and is constantly rising. We are now offering a fully online certificate program in Polymers and Coatings to address this situation. It will primarily serve professionals working in industries that can remotely attend this program and advance their careers.

Dr. Mannari's research interests center around developing and applying advanced and sustainable materials or processes that reduce the environmental impact of coatings used for various end-uses. Over the past 15 years, he has secured> 2.5 million USD in external funding to further his research and has substantially contributed to the body of knowledge in the field. Dr. Mannari has published 60+ peer-reviewed journal articles and authored 8 U.S. Patents, one book, and four book chapters, besides 75+ technical presentations at conferences and symposia. In 2012, he was recognized by Michigan Governor with a coveted Michigan Green Chemistry Award. He was also honored with EMU's most prestigious Ronald Collins Distinguished Faculty Award (Research-II) in 2013. In 2020, Dr. Mannari was inducted into the National Academy of Inventors for his contributions to advancing sustainable UV-curable coatings.

To view Dr. Mannari's complete list of publications, visit his Google Scholar profile. 

Professional/Academic Goals while at EMU

Goals for students

  • Dr. Mannari has always believed that the best way for students to gain an outstanding learning experience and skill development is by involving them in cutting-edge research projects. He has always worked with diverse groups of students, provided equitable learning opportunites and ensured inclusion by enabling and empowering them to develop an innovative mindset. Dr. Mannari has worked with some outstanding students who not only showed high academic achievement but also contributed to the body of knowledge. Two of his students have been co-inventors on a recently awarded U.S. patent while at EMU.

Favorite thing about the College of Engineering and Technology

Unlike other peer institutions, one of the unique attributes of GACET is its diversity of academic programs – from mechanical engineering to polymers and coatings to aviation to cybersecurity. These diverse programs bring diverse faculty and students under one umbrella, creating a vibrant teaching, learning, and research environment.

The recent renovation of Sill Hall has provided much-needed infrastructure facilities. It will serve as a jumping board for offering quality academic programs, expanding collaborative research in emerging areas, and engaging with the community as we progress and move forward. 

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