Principles and Practices of Coatings Formulations

Date: July 15-18, 2024
Course Fee: $1,225

Location: Virtual Course
Instructor: Vijay Mannari, Ph.D.


The primary objective of this course is to familiarize the personnel involved with paints and coatings about fundamental principles underlying formulations of paints and coatings. The knowledge of basic concepts of coatings formulations goes a long way in understanding and appreciating market segments, product differentiations, product attributes and performance, cost, application areas and troubleshooting. As such, basic understanding of coating raw materials and concepts underlying formulations of coatings, formulation tools, coating calculations, defects and troubleshooting will be presented. Effects of key formulation parameters on product attributes and cost will be discussed.

Who should attend?

This course is recommended for scientists, chemists and technicians, specifically working in R&D, product development, quality control functions. Personnel in marketing, technical sales, manufacturing, paint users, customer support staff, field representatives, and all others who need a good understanding of principles of coating formulation can benefit. New recruits – chemists, scientists, and technicians will also find this course very useful.

What you will learn:

  • Role and significance of coating raw materials.
  • Fundamental understanding of the concepts of Pigment Volume Concentration (PVC), Critical PVC (CPVC) and how PVC affects coating properties.
  • Optimum formulation for pigment dispersion.
  • Systematic understanding of calculations related to coating formulations.Rheology in coating formulation: Fundamental concepts, importance, and rheology control.
  • Formulation principles and practical guidelines for solvent-based and water-based coatings.
  • Role of additives and their mechanism of action. Coating defects, cause identification, and resolution.

Course Details:

The virtual class will include live-online Zoom sessions, as well as pre and post session activities in our online learning management system, Canvas. Participants must attend all Zoom sessions and complete all required online course assignments in order to receive an electronic certificate of completion.
Participants will need to attend the course from either your home or office on a computer or laptop equipped with a Webcam and Microphone. We highly recommend using headphones or a headset, if possible. You are not allowed to participate in the course using an I-Phone and you cannot utilize multiple devices.
To participate, you’ll need a stable Internet connection and minimum technical requirements. Chrome, Firefox and Safari are preferred browsers for Canvas. Please visit the Zoom System Requirements site for the technical requirements that you will need.
All required training materials will be available for download in Canvas or through a link to an online resource.


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