About this Program

The Computer Engineering Technology major at Eastern Michigan University is designed to prepare students to apply scientific, computer, and engineering knowledge; combined with technical skills, in support of computerized activities. The graduates generally apply the theories and principles to design, analyze, produce, operate, program, and maintain computer and digital control systems. In addition, the curriculum includes the study of engineering database management and engineering information technology.

Program Objectives

The Computer Engineering Technology students will be able to:

  • Apply principles of math and physics to solve engineering technology problems.
  • Use computers to analyze and solve technical problems.
  • Effectively and accurately communicate technical information.
  • Function effectively as a team member.
  • Pursue life-long learning

Difference between Computer Engineering and Computer Engineering Technology

Computer engineering is a profession in which knowledge of mathematical and natural sciences is gained by study, experience and practice. It is applied analytically to develop ways to utilize economically the materials and forces of nature for the benefit of mankind.

Computer engineering technology is a profession in which the application of engineering knowledge and scientific methods, combined with technical skills, are used to support computerized engineering activities. In some situations, computer engineers and computer engineering technologists can share the same responsibilities. Computer hardware designers, software engineers and engineering
database developers have job functions that both the engineers and the engineering technologist can perform with equal success.

  • Requirements for Admission

    The major is open to any undergraduate student. You may declare the major at the Academic Advising Center, 301 Pierce Hall.

    You should meet with a computer engineering technology advisor, both prior to selecting the major and throughout the course of study. If you are a transfer student, a program advisor can help you do a preliminary assessment of the credits that can be transferred.

  • Points of Interest

    The Computer Engineering Technology draws on the expertise and resources of several departments and programs including Computer Sciences, Computer Information System and Electronics Engineering Technology to deliver the work in the major. You are required to do a cooperative education placement (co-op) in industry during your junior or senior year. In addition, two restrictive elective courses can be customized to fit individual interests and career path.

    Both day and evening classes are offered. Small classes afford you the maximum opportunity to interact with your classmates and teachers. Most computer engineering technology courses involve laboratory assignments that provide hands-on experience. The Computer Engineering Technology program is seeking the accreditation from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). The program reflects the rapidly changing information age and is guided by an advisory committee of industrial professionals.

  • Opportunities for Employment

    The computer plays an ever-increasing role in all engineering disciplines. Computer engineering is a profession, which is one of the fastest growing occupations according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Computer Engineering Technology graduates apply the theories and principles learned in designing, analyzing, producing, operating, programming, and maintaining computer and digital control systems. With additional study of engineering database management and engineering information systems, graduates are employed in industry as computer engineering technologists, computer architecture designers, software engineers and engineering information system developers. The Computer Engineering Technology program offers you the opportunity to prepare for rewarding and responsible careers in support of technical and engineering activities in business and industry. The program leads to a bachelor of science degree in engineering technology.

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