Christopher Krieger

A photo of Christopher Krieger

Part Time Lecturer

Information Security and Applied Computing

211 Sill Hall

[email protected]

Professional Summary

Chris currently works as a Principal Technical Consultant - Security for a Chicago-based technology firm.  Chris has been teaching at EMU for 11 years, building and delivering a variety of classes on different cybersecurity topics.

Industry Experience

Chris has worked in various cybersecurity roles since 2006, bringing significant industrial experience to the classroom. He works primarily with Fortune 500 companies to help improve their security practices against ever-evolving cybersecurity threats such as ransomware.
Typical engagements include:
  • Cyber Resilience Assessments
  • Splunk Architecture
  • Delinea's Secret Server
  • Multifactor Authentication and identity source of truth using Active Directory, Azure Active Directory Duo and Okta.
  • Operating security, vulnerability management, public key infrastructure, and cyber-resilient backup design.

Interests and Expertise

  • Digital & Network Forensics
  • Incident Response
  • Cloud Computing Security
  • Vulnerability management
  • Cyber Recovery

Courses Taught

  • IA 103: Information Security Overview
  • IA 428: Digital Forensics II
  • IA 462: Advanced Operating Systems Security and Administration
  • IA 473: Network Forensics and Analytics
  • IT 356: Managing Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • IA 455: Incident Response
  • IA 103: Introduction to Information Security
  • IA 425: CyberCrime
  • IA 329W: Policy Development in Information Assurance [GEWI]
  • IA 558: Advanced Digital Forensics 
  • IA 643: Disaster Recovery - Business Continuity 
  • IA 588: Advanced Digital Forensics
  • IA 622 - Risk Management and Incident Response
  • ISAC 375: Software Assurance 

Selected Publications

  • Advanced Operating System Security, 2022.