When Autonomous mobility is ready to go, we will be too. We’re ahead of the game, with leading-edge programs that will ensure vehicles are safe from cyber attacks. Plus, a newly renovated technology complex completely rebuilt and reimagined to accelerate the foundations of engineering with advanced laboratory resources and industry-leading, corporate partnerships.

Electrical and Computer Engineering [BS].

Electrical and Computer Engineering [BS]

The Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering (BSECE) program prepares engineers for interesting and challenging positions in the autonomous vehicle industry. Students learn the theory and principles of electricity, electronic devices and complex system design.

Mechanical Engineering [BS].

Mechanical Engineering [BS]

This program is designed to provide graduates with a strong technical foundation that integrates the methods, materials, machinery, and power resources found in modern industry. Students receive both lecture and hands-on laboratory training. 

Information Assurance & Cyber Defense [BS]

Information Assurance & Cyber Defense [BS]

Prepare for the future of technology with a STEM degree focused on design, integration, administration, and protection of all types of computer information systems. Available online or on-campus to fit your schedule.

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Why Study Engineering at EMU?

  • Enhanced job market potential at companies pioneering autonomous technology. With nearly 100% job placement.
  • EMU is strategically located near the hub of autonomous research.
  • Intensive, hands-on curriculum.
  • EMU strives to provide a well-rounded program of study in the major areas of engineering.
  • Newly renovated facilities including a state-of-the-art autonomous cybersecurity laboratory.
  • Internship and research opportunities.
  • Industry leading partnerships provide real-world experience with the top names in the automotive, technology and aerospace industries.