Our Interior Design program promotes design research, critical thinking, and creativity in design decisions applied to all interior spaces, components, and elements encompassed in the built environment. By adding virtual reality elements to design, you can envision the shape of tomorrow, today. 

Professional decorator working in her studio, she is choosing fabric swatches for her project

Interior Design [BS]

Our Bachelor of Science in Interior Design blends theory and technical skills, with a sensitivity to environmentally responsible, sustainable design issues and consideration for the needs of all users regardless of age, physical stature, or disability status. Our graduates are prepared to enter the workplace with a skill set that allows them to thrive professionally and work collaboratively in both the commercial and residential areas of the profession. 

Selective focus, Asian female considering materials for designs.

Interior Design [MS]

Our Masters of Science in Interior Design will continue to build on the professional and comprehensive practice of creating an interior environment that is sustainable, forward thinking and responding to human needs. This comprehensive curriculum provides students with a body of knowledge that will ensure that they are competitive in the interior design industry. 

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Why Study Interior Design at EMU?

  • Intensive, hands-on curriculum.
  • EMU strives to provide a well-rounded program of study in the major areas of the interior design industry.
  • Students can showcase their projects annually at the Undergraduate Symposium using virtual reality.
  • For the fourth consecutive year, our students have won all three spots in the Configura CET Student Rendering competition.
  • Exclusive industry leading partnerships provide real-world experience in the field of interior design.