About this Program

Our Bachelor of Science in Aviation Flight Technology prepares graduates for a career as a professional pilot. The curriculum includes specialized courses in aircraft systems, automation, human factors, weather, industry regulations and crew resource management.

Through this program, you will earn your private pilot, commercial pilot, and certified flight instructor certificates. You will also earn your instrument, complex, high-performance and multi-engine ratings.

Program Educational Goals

  • Aspiring pilots should receive rigorous instruction.  Provide flight training classes covering a variety of aviation topics such as aircraft operation, navigation, meteorology, and aviation legislation.
  • Improve students' technical knowledge of flight operations and aircraft systems. Aerodynamics, aircraft instrumentation, communication systems, and aviation safety are all topics that students should learn about.
  • Improve your writing and oral communication skills. Students must learn how to properly communicate with air traffic control, passengers, and other aviation professionals.
  • Improve students' problem-solving skills in realistic aviation circumstances. Students must learn to use their knowledge, skills, and critical thinking talents to analyze and solve aviation-related problems.
  • Students will learn about aircraft safety processes, risk management, and emergency protocols. In order to anticipate potential hazards and manage risks in flying operations, students must be trained.
  • Preparing students for various aviation certifications and licenses, such as private pilot’s license and instrument rating.

Flight Training

Getting Started

In order to get started we highly recommend scheduling a visit with an enrollment coordinator. The enrollment coordinator will walk you through the process of becoming a professional pilot as well as showing you around our facilities.

  1. Complete your Flight Medical Certificate [PDF].
  2. Complete your Application Expressing Aviation Flight Technology Major Intent.
  3. Receive your Aviation Program acceptance email.
  4. Complete your online enrollment (link provided in the acceptance email.)
  5. Complete EMU Orientation.

Before scheduling orientation, you are required to complete your online enrollment. . Not completing online enrollment before attending Orientation will delay your ability to register for aviation flight courses.

Our Flight Provider-Crosswinds Aviation

Crosswinds Aviation is owned and operated by Matt and Andrea Dahline. Matt and Andrea are passionate about providing high quality flight training, teaching the right attitude towards flying and exposing as many people as possible to what aviation has to offer. The aircraft are equipped with the latest in avionics technology to ensure our pilots have all the latest resources available today for reduced workload and good decision-making. The entire fleet is maintained and cleaned to the highest possible standards to ensure distractions are reduced to a minimum.

In order to best serve our students we offer four different locations to fly from:  Willow Run/Ypsilanti, Howell, Pontiac, and Flint. With our fleet of DA 20, DA 40, Cessna 172 aircraft and FAA Certified Flight Simulators we take students from Private Pilot through Instrument, Commercial, Certified Flight Instructors and Multi-Engine. View the fleet.

Transfer Policies

If you have any questions, please contact the program coordinator.

Request More Information

Aviation Program Office

206 Roosevelt Hall

Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

734.487.8429 | [email protected]