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Our teaching program and curriculum prepares prospective teachers in the areas of information processing and management, administrative services, accounting and computing and basic business such as economics, consumer economics, business law, business management, computer literacy and introduction to business.

Successful completion of this course of studies, in the context of other program requirements, qualifies the student for recommendation for certification for the Michigan Department of Education Secondary Provisional Certificate endorsed in business education, certification code GQ, and, with appropriate work experience, you are issued an appropriate CIP code endorsement.. With four thousand work experience hours in each area, both endorsement areas can be added to the certificate.

This is a high need area [PDF] in Michigan as defined by the U.S. Department of Education.

Eastern Michigan University offers students an undergraduate teaching degree in business, marketing, management and technology education with a GQ teaching endorsement by the State of Michigan. This endorsement allows graduates to teach 6–12 students the following subjects (see May 2017 update from the Michigan DOE [PDF]):

  • Accounting
  • Business Communications
  • Business Education
  • Business Law
  • Business Management Administration
  • Business Math
  • Business Technology
  • Finance
  • Marketing Education
  • Distributive Education
  • Computers
  • Computer Literacy
  • Keyboarding
  • Word Processing
  • Computer Applications
  • Web Design
  • Introduction to the Internet

This major DOES NOT require teaching minor. However, a minor is recommended.

Students can choose from any offered by EMU; however, our school offers a Standard CTE Certificate endorsement for those with work experience (4000 hours within the past 10 years or 2000 hours and one semester EMU co-op course work, + MOCAC/NOCTI test).

Students interested in the BMMT Program should consider enrolling in BMMT 251, Principles of Career and Technical Education the introductory course in the program. For advising questions, please contact 734.487.1161.

  • For students without an undergraduate degree we offer:
    • an undergraduate teaching major with an endorsement in Business, Marketing, Management and Technology Education (GQ). The degree also includes a EMU and MDE approved minor.
      Note: BMMT majors do not take CURR 305. Majors take BMMT 352 in place of that course.
    • as well as an endorsement in Marketing 52.1999 and Business Administration 52.0299 per work-related hours. (Note: students working toward GQ certification do not need this endorsement. However, this endorsement allows you to also teach in an approved CTE program.) See Standard CTE Certificate link.
  • For students who hold at least a bachelor's degree:
    • Post-baccalaureate Teacher Certification (PBTC):
      This is a non-degree program made up of undergraduate classes leading to a secondary teaching certificate with an endorsement in Business, Marketing, Management and Technology Education (GQ) as well as a post-baccalaureate certificate from EMU. Students interested in the Post-baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program should contact Molly Thornbladh in the College of Education at [email protected] for more information. Download the Advising Handbook for the PBTC [PDF].
      NOTE: BMMT Majors DO NOT take CURR 305. Majors take BMMT 352 of CURR 305.
    • Standard CTE Certificate [PDF] (Formerly the Interim Occupational Certification (IOC))
      The Standard CTE Certificate is valid for teaching in a Michigan approved Career and Technical Education (CTE) program in the occupational area in which the teacher is endorsed. EMU’s program is meant for the following candidates: 1) certified teachers who wish to earn a CTE endorsement, and 2) those without previous certification who wish to teach in a specific occupational area.
    • Master's Degree
      The School of Technology and Professional Services Management offers a graduate degree for a Master of Science in Technology Studies. The program offers evening, online, hybrid, and traditional face-to-face courses permitting part-time and full-time study towards completion of the Maters’ degree. It includes a 15 credit concentration in Career and Technology Education. Our course roll-out is available under our standard schedule link.
  • Post Bachelor's Teaching Certification

    This program is for someone who holds at least a bachelor's degree and who wishes to earn an initial teaching credential at EMU. It is a non-degree program made up of undergraduate classes leading to either a Michigan elementary or secondary teaching certificate as well as a post-baccalaureate certificate from EMU.

    A student would need to complete the program requirements for the Business, Management, Marketing and Technology major. A teaching minor is NOT required but recommended. The secondary teaching minors are listed in the post-bachelor's advising handbook [PDF].

    We strongly recommend that if possible, BMMT candidates seek to pursue a CTE Standard Certificate in an approved occupational area. This credential will assist in seeking appropriate employment. To seek a Standard CTE Certificate, the student must have 4,000 hours (approximately two years) of relatively recent work experience related to one of the approved occupational areas. Those hours don't need to be done to become admitted, but they are required to earn certification.

    Students may use coursework from their previous studies to satisfy some of the PBTC requirements. The length of the program varies, depending on courses previously taken and the area of certification sought. For more information contact  the College of Education advising office at 734.487.1416.

  • Standard CTE Certification

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