About this Program

The School of Technology Studies in the GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology offers students a Secondary Education Vocational Technical Endorsement Minor.

This minor is an option for all students enrolled in a teaching a major at EMU.  It is designed for students who have working experience in a vocational area. It is a 24 hour credit minor.

Students enrolled in this minor should enroll in BMMT 200, Principles of Career and Technical Education (3 credits) and BMMT 363, Curriculum for Career and Technical Education (3 credits).  The remaining 18 credits should be in the vocational area the student is seeking certification in. Those credits may be transferred to EMU. Areas of certification include:

  • Aeronautics/Aviation/Aerospace Science And Technology (49.0101)
  • Airframe Technology (47.0607)
  • Automobile Technician (Natef Certified) (47.0604)
  • Business Administration Management And Operations (52.0299)
  • Collision Repair Technician (Natef Certified) (47.0603)
  • Computer Programming/Programmer (11.0201)
  • Computer Systems Networking And Telecommunication (11.0901)
  • Construction Trades (46.0000)
  • Cooking And Related Culinary Arts (12.0500)
  • Digital/Multimedia And Information Resources Design (11.0801)
  • Drafting And Design Technology/Architectural (15.1301)
  • Electrical And Power Transmission Installation (46.0301)
  • Electrical/Electronics Equipment Installation & Repair General (47.0101)
  • Engineering Technology (15.0000)
  • Finance And Financial Management Services (52.0800)
  • Graphics And Printing Technology And Communications (10.0301)
  • Lineworker (46.0303)
  • Machine Tool Technology/Machinist (48.0501)
  • Marketing, Sales, And Service (52.1999)
  • Mechatronics (14.4201)
  • Medium/Heavy Truck Technician (Natef Certified) (47.0613)
  • Radio And Tv Broad Casting Tech. (10.0202)
  • Welding, Brazing, And Soldering (48.0508)

In addition, students must have 4000 hours documented work experience in the past five years, or 2000 hours of work experience, plus one semester co-op and the MOCAC/NOCTI test.

For more information, contact Professor Kustron at [email protected].

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