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Honors Students

Honors Class Credit

Students who are members of the Honors College, have the opportunity to contract with their paralegal  professor for honors credit for any 300 or 400 level class in the program. For more information see Contracting LEGL Courses for Honors in the Paralegal Program [PDF].

Honors Thesis for Departmental Honors

Students interested in researching and writing a senior honors thesis for departmental honors, must secure written approval in advance from a faculty mentor. Professor Donovan and Professor Kustron are designated faculty mentors for the paralegal studies program. Prior to meeting Professors Donovan or Kustron, the student must have a concrete idea for the thesis and be able to commit to program completion guidelines.

The senior honors thesis is a scholarly report of original research conducted by the student answering a law related question, involving the generation of new data.  It is not a review of the literature or an extended term paper. The student must demonstrate mastery of the topic.  

Thesis research typically begins in the sophomore or junior year. Arrangements for the thesis must be made with the faculty mentor and honors advisor no later than the second semester of the junior year. A formal thesis proposal should be submitted to the school honors advisor before the start of the senior year. (It is recommended this be completed by the end of the junior year.) This proposal should include the research questions to be answered by the project and include a detailed timeline.

The project should be presented at the Undergraduate Symposium or similar forum in the Winter semester of the student's senior year. 

The final draft of the thesis must be submitted to the honors advisor at least a month before the end of the semester the student expects to graduate.

The thesis must follow the format for a law review article including the use of the Blue Book legal citation format.

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