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Phone: 734.487.1161

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The Paralegal Faculty welcomes every student to our vibrant and exciting Paralegal classes. Faculty members are committed to do all that they can to insure your educational success. Part of the Program’s overall educational goal is to provide a professional atmosphere in which students can learn the necessary legal background and skills to enter the legal world. Part of this professional atmosphere demands professional conduct and that utmost respect be shown towards faculty, staff and fellow students. If a student has an issue with a professor, etiquette requires that the student address the issue directly with the professor and not with the program coordinator or another faculty or staff member. Students should remember that professional conduct includes understanding that negative comments about any faculty member, fellow student or staff member, made either in the classroom or outside of it, are not just unprofessional but may generate disciplinary action against the student.

As part of the preparation for the legal profession, the Paralegal Program maintains a "zero tolerance" for cheating and plagiarism. Each Paralegal Program student is expected to read and comply with these program policies and procedures, the University’s Code of Student Conduct and all rules outlined in respective course syllabi.

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