Visual & Built Environments

211 Sill Hall

Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

Phone: 734.487.2490

Goals and Objectives

Program Goals

The following goals are intended to guide and support the EMU CM program to achieve the program mission:

  1. Keep the Part-Time Lectures from the industry to teach in the program to enhance students' interaction with the industry. 
  2. Keep the curriculum updated to support the mission statement continuously. 
  3. Continue working with the university administration and the industry to improve the program facilities.
  4. Keep the certifications and exams as a part of the classes as we are currently doing.
  5. Enhance the effectiveness of the program faculty by supporting professional development. 
  6. Earn a national recognition of excellence for the program through supporting faculty scholar activities.

Program Objectives

To meet the program mission and goals as outlined in the strategic plan, the EMU CM program will produce graduates that will be able to:

  1. Create written communications appropriate to the construction discipline. 
  2. Create oral presentations appropriate to the construction discipline. 
  3. Create a construction project safety plan. 
  4. Create construction project cost estimates. 
  5. Create construction project schedules. 
  6. Analyze professional decisions based on ethical principles. 
  7. Analyze construction documents for planning and management of construction processes.
  8. Analyze methods, materials, and equipment used to construct projects. 
  9. Apply construction management skills as a member of a multi-disciplinary team. 
  10. Apply electronic-based technology to manage the construction process. 
  11. Apply basic surveying techniques for construction layout and control. 
  12. Understand different methods of project delivery and the roles and responsibilities of all constituencies involved in the design and construction process. 
  13. Understand construction risk management. 
  14. Understand construction accounting and cost control. 
  15. Understand construction quality assurance and control. 
  16. Understand construction project control processes. 
  17. Understand the legal implications of contract, common, and regulatory law to manage a construction project. 
  18. Understand the basic principles of sustainable construction. 
  19. Understand the basic principles of structural behavior. 
  20. Understand the basic principles of mechanical, electrical and piping system


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