About this Program

The Bachelor of Science in Fashion Marketing Innovation (FMI) program offers career-oriented knowledge in textile science, design, and manufacturing. It also provides theoretical foundations as well as skills in these three aspects of a textile career. FMI program student gains technical knowledge to develop new products and solve problems related to textile material and clothing manufacturing. The program also helps develop skills in sales enhancing techniques.

Industrial Fabric Cutting Demo by Dr. Becker


FMI program students learn pattern making using Gerber software and Adobe Suite Software in addition to traditional pattern making techniques. Students learn to use Gerber Technology Pattern Design software and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) industrial fabric cutting equipment. Students learn product evaluation from fiber to finish products using a state of the art textile science laboratory which is an important part of any product development activity. The laboratory also provides the opportunity to the student to conduct a range of research projects. A well-equipped garment construction lab comprised of home and industrial sewing machines enable students to be prepared for automotive, apparel, furniture industries. Students have an opportunity to study abroad to gain diverse knowledge of textiles, fashion and culture internationally.


FMI students are well trained to enter into a larger number of career opportunities because of the diverse scope of training provided by the program. Several career opportunities include trim engineering, buyers, visual merchandising, product development for textile industry, product evaluation and quality control, product acceptance specialist, resourcing manager for merchandising companies, entrepreneurs and boutique owners. 


At a Glance

  • Number of credits: 78 
  • Time to complete: four-year degree



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