Eastern Michigan University
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School Information

Ann Arbor Learning Community

The Ann Arbor Learning Community (AALC) is a public charter school authorized by Eastern Michigan University. AALC first enrolled students in fall of 1998. Enrollment is open to all Michigan students in grades K-8.

Ann Arbor Learning Community is a progressive, innovative school that encourages personalized learning relationships between children, their families and their teachers.

Ann Arbor Learning Community offers:

  • Strong core curriculum – language arts, mathematics, science and social studies
  • Art, physical education and music for all students
  • Class size of about 20 students
  • Multi-grade classrooms
  • Certificated educators
  • Individualized instruction
  • Student-influenced learning experiences

The major themes are:

  • Outdoor/Environmental Education
  • Performing Arts
  • Gardening

Our main themes and their emphasis in the core curriculum create well-rounded students, enhance students' self-assurance through the performing arts, and encourage a healthy student environment.