Healthy Asian Americans Project (HAAP)

Established in 1996, the mission of HAAP is to improve overall health of Asian Americans and reduce health disparities with research, education, and promotion. Throughout the years, HAAP received federal- and state grants as well as support from foundations eliminate health disparities among Asian Americans and Asians.  HAAP made a great impact to increase breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screening among Asian Americans.  HAAP’s bilingual navigators educate individuals and families in their communities and also provide assistance to access to much needed screening and preventive services. HAAP’s coordinators serve seven Asian communities: Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Hmong, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese. With the CMS funding, HAAP’s bilingual navigators has provided the assistance and enrolled more than 8,000 individuals and families with quality healthcare plans during the Affordable Care Act open enrollment periods. Internationally, HAAP’s Lay Health Advisor programs in Taiwan and China increase breast health awareness and early detection of breast cancer; more than 120,000 women received breast cancer screening. More recently, HAAP’s breast ambassadors educated Filipino women about the importance of prevention and early detection of breast cancer and ultimately empower women to take actions on their breast health. The health disparities research that HAAP conducted has served as the evidence base for developing and implementing effective interventions for Asian Americans.

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