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Information About our Alumni

Candidly, much of the information below is dated.  We would like to get more current information.  If you would like to send us information about you to post (or update a previous posting), we would love to hear from you.  You can send it to our new website manager or to the department head.  Contact information is given on our department home page.

Where They Are Now

This page presents a listing of Chemistry alumni with a short description of what they have been doing since graduation from EMU. Many of the entries come from our internet alumni form. The persons name is linked to their email address whenever possible. We hope that this will allow our alumni, with common interests, to keep in touch with each other.

Paula Allotta (2004)
Now Paula Allotta, I am a graduate student at Northwestern University. I work in the lab of Peter Stair, using ultra-violet Raman spectroscopy to look at catalysts.

Kevin William Anderson (2000):
I recently graduated from MSU with a M.S. in Organic Chemistry at which time I transferred to MIT's PhD program. I am in my third year working in Stephen L. Buchwald's group and am currently working on palladium-catalyzed amination reactions (expanding the substrate scope.

Joseph L. Arp (1979):
Chief chemist at WCI steel in Warren, Ohio since 1994.

Jerry Artman 1999
I completed my Ph.D. with Professor Steven M. Weinreb at Penn State University in June 2004. Since that time, I have been working as a NIH Postdoctoral fellow with Professor Robert M. Williams at Colorado State University. I am currently pursuing two different projects. The first is a continued investigation into the cylindrospermopsin alkaloids originally initiated by a graduate student of the Williams group. My second project is the pursuit of the first total synthesis of avrainvillamide and stephacidin B, two complex diketopiperazine containing alkaloids.

John Berry (2007):
I am a toxicology assistant at S.C. Johnson which is a consumer product company with headquarters in Racine, WI

Lindsay Frederick Braun (1994):
Well, I ended up taking the minor instead of the major, because I was accepted to graduate school at Michigan State University for Fall semester 1994 in History. I'm currently halfway to my Ph.D. in African history up here, and should graduate in May, 2001.

Michelle Brooks (Mac) (1989):
I received a PhD in chemistry from Michigan State in 1996, then was an NIH post-doc at Columbia University in New York City. I taught at a small liberal arts college in northern Wisconsin for several years, then came to the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina where I am currently an assistant professor.

Daniel J. Burnett (1997):
I recently defended my thesis and in April will be graduating from the University of Michigan with a Ph.D. in chemical engineering. I recently accepted a position as an application scientist for Surface Measurement Systems, located in Allentown, PA.

Carolyn Carrier-Furney (1987):
I was with Wyeth/Ayerst in Mason, MI until it's closing in 1996. After closing, they sponsored my return to school, where I completed an associates degree in nursing in 1998. Took the Mason RN boards in 1999. I have three children (one boy, two girls) born in 1990, 1992 and 1994. My hope is to become a nurse anesthetist in the near future.

Keith Childs (1982):
Since my wonderful chemistry experience at EMU, combined with coop education with the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration/NOAA/GLERL I have been a dairy chemist, food microbiologist, computer operator, cardiac researcher in internal medicine (cardiac arrhythmia) and thoracic surgery. Studied and held a staff position for ischemia heart disease, funded by the AMA/NIH and Army. Then I made the transition into the engineering field and am currently employed at Advanced Modular Power Systems (AMPS). We have a research project/program with NASA/JPL/Lockheed Martin/DOE to develop a power system for a space flight to Pluto. I test the final product and run experiments to improve AMTEC performance. Ice and fire will travel first to Venus, Jupiter and Europa, then pickup speed and swing out to the farthest distant planet in the solar system. It has been an exciting 17 years since graduation, not to mention a wonderful wife, Sandy, and two girls, Megan and Amanda. best wishes to the EMU Chemistry Department.

Brian S. Cummings (1994):
I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Georgia. My interests include the roles of lipid signals in chemotherapeutic-induced apoptosis in both normal and cancer cells.

Nancy E. Davis (1992):
I am one of eight Unix System Administrators for the Lab for High Energy Astrophysics (LHEA) at Goddard Space Flight Center/NASA, Greenbelt, MD.

Nancy Davis (1996):
I am a Senior Project Manager for HealthPlus of Michigan

Babho Devadoss (2003):
I am currently a postdoctoral associate at MIT, Department of Biology. After EMU days, I got a PhD in chemistry at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH.

Badrinath Dhakal (2011):
I am pursuing Ph.D. in Oakland University, Rochester, MI.

Michael Farnstrom (1985):
On March 1st, 1999, EMU graduate Michael Farnstrom was assigned to the Industrial Pretreatment Section of the Wayne County Department of Environment, Division of Public Works. As the chemist in that section Mr. Farnstroms duties will include inspection of industrial discharges to the sewer system feeding the Wyandotte wastewater treatment plant, permit work and finding those discharges that are not in compliance with the Wayne County Sewer Use Ordinance. In his previous assignment, Mr Farnstrom served as the lead chemist at the Duane Egeland Wastewater Treatment Plant Laboratory in Rockwood Michigan. Serving three and a half years in this assignment, Mr. Farnstrom wrote and administered the Laboratory Quality Control and Quality Assurance Program for that facility. This included method verification and validation. He was also responsible for training the laboratory staff and served as a chemist in the Wastewater Laboratory in the Wyandotte plant.

Mr. Farnstrom credits his degree from EMU for giving him the basic tools to succeed. 'having a degree in chemistry has allowed me to become involved in some things I wouldn't otherwise have involvement with. It has also made it possible to understand what is going on around me in ways that I wouldn't have without the education'. He goes on to say, 'overall, employment with Wayne County and the DOE has been a positive experience'.

Rod Finzel (1973):
Sent word that he is the Chairman of the Chemistry Department at Hofstra University on Long Island, NY. He mentioned that he keeps in contact with Bob Haushalter ('74) and David Weinstein ('75), who also live in the area.

Ashley Flexon (2000):
I am currently an analytical scientist at Pfizer in the Biomarker section of the PDM (Phamacokinetics, Dynamics, and Metabolism) department. The technology base I am currently using is LC-MS-MS, although I have worked previously in immunoanalytical chemistry and genomics.

Mark Fox (1980):
He is now a graduate of the Michigan State University School of Osteopathy.

Randy Galipo (1992):
Finished his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of South Carolina and worked for Kodak in Rochester, NY.  Passed away in 2013.

Marla Gerber (1995):
After teaching chemistry at Allen Park high school for two years, my husband, Steve, and I had our first child, a daughter. I now have the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom and homemaker.

George Giles (1978):
I took the ACS Program in Biochemistry at EMU between 1974 and 1978. I worked at General Motors Research Laboratories between 1982 and 1984. I worked for a couple of venture capital startup firms in the Ann Arbor area. After that I was software architect and chief engineer for Pratt & Whitney ARMS product line. I have been an applied mathematician (results, not proofs) and a software architect in artificial intelligence, distributed systems, machine vision and advanced robotics since 1984. My current work is in the path integral formalism, differential gemoetry, process optimization and neuroscience. I always remember the excellence in teaching that I found at Eastern in the chemistry department. Full professors willing to take undergrads as researchers and teaching assistants. It gave me the confidence I needed to succeed later in life.

John Goldsmith (1995):
After graduating from EMU, where I studied proton-transfer reactions using quantum theory with Dr. Maria C. Milletti, I worked for a short time as a R & D Chemist at Pacific Vision Network, Inc. In this position, I assisted in the development of a novel holographic imaging device that consisted of a diffraction grating and a thin-film coating. In 1998, I earned my M.S. degree in Physical Chemistry from Indiana University. Our research group, directed by Dr. George E. Ewing, was mainly interested in heterogeneous atmospheric reactions and surface dynamics. My project involved probing the gas/solid interface of a mineral using FT-IR. I observed the formation of adsorbed ice-like layers at room temperature! I then moved to Chicago where I worked as an intern for the U.S. EPA-Great Lakes National Program Office. In addition to working on a 180 ft research vessel, I reviewed QA documents and analyzed Great Lakes water quality data. Contact ECO (www.eco.org) for environmental internships. I recently started a new position as a Research Analytical Chemist for Searle, a developer, producer and marketer of pharmaceuticals. My work involves the identification and quantification of active pharmaceutical ingredients using infrared spectroscopy (Mid-IR and NIR applications).

----- I just moved to Vancouver from Chicago. Prior to the move out west, AND NORTH, I worked with Pharmacia/Pfizer as an Analytical Chemist for several years developing spectroscopic methods using IR and NIR. Before that, I received a M.S. degree from Indiana University in Physical Chemistry. For now I am enjoying my new digs. The sunsets or gorgeous out here and the skiing is incredible! Soon I anticipate that I will be back in the job market, or possibly back in the classroom . . . my partner, Meg Holden, recently started a new job in Vancouver at Simon Fraser University.

Christa Graham (Hughes) (1995):
I got my M.S. from UofM (via the Brewer-Sacks connection) and my teaching certification back at EMU. I've been an adjunct chemistry instructor, high school teacher and now (again) a graduate student, this time at Univ. of Toledo. I have 5 awesome kids and a great husband. We are in the Adrian area and love it.

Greg Grieves (1995):
I graduated from EMU in 1995 under the Professional Chem program. I am currently a graduate student in Physical Chemistry in the lab of Prof. Michael A. Duncan at the University of Georgia, where we study metal-containing clusters and complexes by multiphoton laser (photodissociation, photoionization, and threshold photoelectron) spectroscopy in the gas phase http://www.arches.uga.edu/~maduncan). I must sincerely thank all the faculty at EMU for providing such a tremendous learning experience. The close personal contact with the teachers and the high availability of resources gave me a very good advantage over many students whose undergrad was from larger, more research oriented schools. For the best memories I have of EMU I have to thank Dr. Maria Milletti for all of her help advising me academically and personally as well as for introducing me to the very interesting world of quantum chem. Dr. Ross Nord for being the very tough, but very compelling P.Chem. teacher for whom, along with Dr Milletti, are the reasons I chose to go on in physical chemistry. Dr. Mas Yamauchi for his often comical but always intelligent discussions on inorganic chem, and for meeting with me outside of class many times to teach me a deeper understanding of group theory as well as some glassblowing. I'd also like to thank Joe Mason for adept organizational talents in managing the stockroom in which I worked my entire undergrad career at. I made a lot of good friends at that stockroom, and learned a lot of good analytic techniques there too, and Joe's prep cookbook which I watched develop, was a superior 'solution' (pardon the pun). I hope the Tall Ships are still sailing with you Joe. I hope to be finishing up my doctorate in the next year. After that I will be looking for post-doc positions, and would like to stay on the academic track. An ideal career would be a good blend of teaching and research, much like that of the EMU department.

Shuqiong Guo (1990):
Has entered Purdue's Medicinal Chemistry Ph.D. program.

Christopher G. Hamaker (1993):
I received my Ph.D. from Iowa State in 1999. After that, I was a post-doc at Kansas State for two years. I am currently an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Illinois State University.

Ermelinda Harper (1997):
I am pursuing a doctoral degree in Environmental Engineering at Yale University.

George Helvey (1950):
George Helvey is retired from Midland Public Schools. He continues to work part-time teaching freshman inorganic chemistry at Delta College.

Erik Henriksen (1983):
Erik Henriksen is currently an associate professor in the Department of Physiology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. His primary research area is in skeletal muscle metabolism. More specifically, Erik investigates skeletal muscle insulin resistance, the primary pathology associated with type 2 diabetes. He studies the underlying causes for the insulin resistance and look at various interventions for improving insulin action, including, exercise and a variety of pharmaceutical compounds.

Lynn Hensley (1991, 1996):
I have been teaching Chemistry and Advanced Placement Chemistry at South Lyon HS in South Lyon, MI. In 1996 I finished my Masters in Education and Curriculum at EMU. I have presented at many local and state science teachers conferences and had an article published in the September 2002 issue of The Science Teacher.

Kevin D. Hernandez (1996):
I am married to an incredible women, with whom I have two sons, a 3 and 1 year old. I am currently a Chemist at the Deere & Company Technical Center in the Chemical Processes, Coatings and Analysis (CPCA) group. My responsibilities are initiative and innovative projects regarding the painting and coatings of John Deere products. My double major in Professional Chemistry and Polymers & Coatings has proven to be very beneficial in industry. Prior to Deere, I spent 4 years with The Valspar Corporation as an Formulation and Development Chemist in the Electrocoat New Business Group.

Gregory T. Huber (1996):
I have been working at SunChemical in Cincinnati, OH since graduation. I'm employed in their Research and Development group inventing polymeric dispersants for use in the ink and coatings industry.

Angela (Rinbold) Hoikka (1998):
I am currently practicing dentistry in Southfield, MI. My husband and I and our 5 kids will be spending this next year (2009) in Dayton Ohio at the United States Air Force base while my husband completes his residency in general dentistry. I am hoping to begin a mastership program during this time.

James Hylko (1984):
James M. Hylko (1984, Biochemistry) is a waste operations manager for Roy F. Weston, Inc., and is recognized by the American Society for Quality as a Certified Quality Auditor. Mr. Hylko possesses over 10 years of experience encompassing commercial power and Department of Energy operations, specifically environmental remediation, operational health physics, QA/QC audit assessments, radioactive and mixed waste management, and transportation of mixed waste. Mr. Hylko is an adjunct instructor for the Department of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering at The University of New Mexico and has participated as an instructor in 18 workshops. Also, Mr. Hylko has published 85 articles in the open literature and trade publications consisting of peer-reviewed articles, conference proceedings, refereed abstracts, book reviews, and newsletters. Furthermore, Mr. Hylko has either presented or been associated with 62 conference presentations, is chair of the ANSI/HPSSC Standard, N13.50 - Characterization of Low-Level Radioactive Waste, serves as a contributing editor for Power Magazine, Radiation Protection Management and RSO Magazine, a peer reviewer for Nuclear Technology, and a book reviewer for Science Books & Films (SB&F). Mr. Hylko is listed in Who's Who in The West, Who's Who in The World, and Who's Who in Science and Engineering, and received his Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in Health Physics from The University of Michigan School of Public Health in 1986.

David F. Jadwin (1978)
Director & President, Lakewood Pathology Associates, PA (Lakewoodpath.com)
Married to Anne Barrett Jadwin (21 years) with three children - Andrew(20), Emily (17) and Laura (14).

Chanaka Jayatillake (1979) I am working Whatsup Vantuer Private Limited. Desegnation Post of Web Master. I am studying Computer Subjects.

Andrew Jones (2002, 2005):
I am in my fifth year of teaching chemistry for the Livonia Public School system. I am proud to be teaching their accelerated chemistry and AP chemistry classes.

Kevin Johnson (2008)
I am an analytical chemist for the cosmetic company Revlon, located in Oxford North Carolina.

Michael A. Kappler (1991):
I earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry (UCSC '99) including a dissertation titled "Methodologies to Anticipate and Incorporate Protein Mutations in the INVENTON System". I work as a computational chemist at Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc. (http://www.daylight.com), which provides high-performance cheminformatics tools to the pharmaceutical industry. In April '01, I began consulting for Complexica, Inc. (http://www.complexica.com), which applies complexity science to futures commodity prices through a spin-off company, CommodiCast, Inc. (http://www.commodicast.com). My extracurricular activities include training for the '01 Ironman Canada (http://www.ironman.ca).

James Kelley (1946):
James Kelley has been retired for 10 years and spends his time enjoying all the things around him and his family.

Jeff Kittendorf (1997):
I am in the Medicinal Chemistry graduate program at the University of Michigan, working in the lab of Dr. George Garcia.

Thomas Klepach (1997):
Thomas Klepach is attending Graduate School at the University of Virginia - Biochemistry Department.

Jeanette M. LaDuke (1996):
I currently work in sales for Eastman Chemical Company.

Pat Lancaster (1996):
I am currently working as a chemist for Ross Chem, a small (but growing) manufacturer of industrial chemicals, mainly in defoamers for manufacturing operations.

Jong il Lee (1995):
I finished my Ph.D. at Michigan State, then I moved to University of Kansas for the post-doc work. I will start to teach at City University of New York from this fall (2004) as a tenure track assistant professor. I still remember all the wonderful teachers and classmates who I shared my life with. I appreciate them for the joyful years during my tenure at EMU.

Stephen Lee (1996) : [email2]
I am currently in the Ph.D. program in Medical Sciences at the University of Florida (Pharmacology, College of Medicine). My research investigates the pre-steady state kinetics of enzymes.

Carrie Leonard (1996):
Is busy working in Richard Sacks' lab at The U of M. She was a co-author of two posters given at the 1997 Anachem/Society for Applied Spectroscopy Symposium held at the Burton Manor in Livonia.

Michelle Mac (1990):
Following graduate school at Michigan State, where I earned a Ph.D. in chemistry, I accepted a research fellowship at Columbia University under a National Research Service Award from the National Institutes of Health. Currently, I am an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Lakeland College, a small liberal arts college in Sheboygan, WI

Brian Marable (1993):
Received my Ph.D. in Toxicology from The University of Michigan in 1999. I am employed as a Toxicology Consultant(Neurotoxicology)at The Dow Chemical Company in Midland, MI.

Kim McGinnis (1992):
After graduating from the University of Michigan (PhD, pharmacology), I moved to Boston to do a post-doc in neurogenetics at Mass General Hospital. I am entering law school this fall (2001) at Boston University and hope to get involved in bioethics.

Barry McIntyre & Alyssa (Rose) McIntyre (1991 & 1992):
Alyssa (1992) and I are now splitting time between Manhattan and northern New Jersey. This past summer Alyssa decided that she wanted to leave private veterinary practice, and began a 3-year comparative medicine residency at Memorial-Sloan Kettering. When finished, Alyssa will be eligible to set for ACLAM boards (and hopefully join me in the pharmaceutical industry). When I am not enjoying the "big apple", I am employed as a reproductive toxicologist at Schering-Plough. The previous summer I got the "courage" up to study, and sit for the toxicology boards. I don't know how it happened, but I managed to earn my DABT (thanks Mike- I still tell people I learned toxicology at EMU- not while I was in graduate school). All-in-all, life is good.

Sharon MacKellar (1992 & MS '96):
Continues to do a wonderful job as a lecturer in the Chemistry Department here at EMU.

Andrew McKinley (1993):
Andrew McKinley is a product development chemist with Sika Corp., a Swiss-based sealant company. His main function is development/formulation of acoustical sealants for the automotive industry. His main job is to make cars quieter (i.e. improve the sound quality of the interior). Andy has worked with Sika for one and a half years. Prior to Sika, Andy worked with Morton International (Salt) as a synthesis/formulation chemist. He made structural adhesives while there. This was primarily urethane chemistry. Andy obtained a patent titled, "Thixotropic Moisture Cure Urethane Adhesive" while at Morton. Andy married Angie on April 3, 1993 and they have an 18-month-old son, Zachary. He is currently working on his MBA at the University of Michigan with and expected completion date in 2000. .

Walter Michael (1995):
After graduating from EMU with a B.S. in biochem I moved to Louisville, KY for about a year. There I worked at Advanced ChemTech [www.peptide.com] doing multi-kg scale synthesis of peptide precursors. I had a good time there but I decided in short while that I needed more education to be satisfied working in industry. Thus I ended up where I now am still, pursuing an advanced degree in organic synthesis/materials research at the University of Georgia in Dr. Thomas Johnson's group. Teaching here at a _BIG_ state school really makes me look fondly back on the small class size and well organized undergrad labs [thumbs-up to Joe Mason] at EMU. Anyhow, a big wave and howdy-doo to "all y'all" back in Ypsi. Sometimes I miss aspects of Michigan but, of course, not so much in winter. ;]

Update 2005: Well, I've been working as a medicinal chemist with Novartis now for just about four years and I think I've found my niche. I really enjoy living and working in Cambridge, MA as it's extremely "livable" and just a short train ride from the center of Boston. If you're ever passing through drop me a line! (.. or if you need a job! *grin*)

Joel Murray (1997):
Since graduating in 1997 with a BS in biochemistry/toxicology, I have worked for various companies in various locations including Parke-Davis in Michigan, Pfizer in Michigan and Connecticut, and Abbott Laboratories in Illinois. I have held various positions at each company, all in the area of toxicology. Currently I am a scientist in genetic toxicology at Abbott.

Marvin Nieman (1993):
Marvin Nieman is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Toledo; Spring 1999 is the expected finish date. His research focuses on cel-cell adhesion molecules (cadherins) and their relationship to metastasis in breast cancer. Marvin was recently awarded a Young Investigator Award from the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). This award is for travel to the AACR Annual meeting where he will be presenting a poster entitled "N-cadherin promotes an invasive phenotype in breast carcinoma cell lines." .

John W. Oudsema (1985):
Is the president elect for Anachem. He is currently working as a chemist in the atomic spectroscopy laboratory at BASF Corporation in Wyandotte. He received his BS in Chemistry from EMU in 1985 and worked in an environmental laboratory for several years, before commencing his doctoral work at Wayne State University under the direction of Professor Colin Poole. John completed his doctoral work in 1992 in the area of supercritical fluid chromatographic extractions. Before joining BASF in 1993, he carried out method development for Abbott Laboratories.

Sung-Ho Park(1992):
I became a staff scientist (permanent position) at LBNL after doing postdoctoral research since 1997. I am a computational chemist working on geochemical problem at molecular level. More details on my research including recent publications are found at: http://www.lbl.gov/~spark

Bradley Piotrowski (1991)
Graduated from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry in 1995, and from Detroit, MI VAMC General Dentistry Residency Program in 1996. Graduated from the Indiana University School of Dentistry/Indianapolis VAMC, combined Periodontics Residency Program in 1999. I am now in private practice as a Periodontist in Saginaw, MI. Currently residing in Saginaw Township. I am engaged to Melissa Whitson (a native of Indiana) with a June 2000 wedding planned!

Stephanie Richmond-Crow (1994):
I am working as a Chemistry teacher for a high school in Waterford, Michigan. I am currently working on my Masters in Education.

David W. Rodgers (1999):
I just received (April 2005) an appointment as a tenure-track faculty member at North Central Michigan College in Petoskey. I'll be teaching Introductory and General Chemistry courses, along with Nursing Biochemistry. I also will be teaching Astronomy and Physical Science.

Randell William Ruszkowski (2001):
After graduating from EMU I continued my education at the University of Michigan School of Public Health where I received a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in Environmental Health Sciences. My general Biochemistry degree served me well as I studied topics such as Environmental Chemistry, Environmental and Occupational Medicine, Toxicology, Exposure Assessment, and many others. I am currently working as a sanitarian for Oakland County Health Department Environmental Division. I am proud to be an EMU alumnus and remember my days at EMU with fondness. Its ironic, while attending Eastern all I wanted to do was graduate, now I find myself thinking of the faculty often.

Kathy Saturday (1974):
After leaving EMU in 1974, I attended Indiana University and received my PhD in Analytical Chemistry in 1979 under the direction of Professor Gary Hieftje. After graudation in February, 1979, I joined the DuPont Company, which is my current employer. I have enjoyed a very full career in chemistry and related fields, including roles as an analytical chemist, supervisor quality control laboratories, manufacturing plant technical supervisor, production manager, business manager, research manager and director. I am currently a business manager in DuPont's Central Research and Development organization in Wilmington, DE.

Yvonne Scaggs (1997):
I am working as a Medicinal Chemist at Parke-Davis in Ann Arbor in the Anti-Cancer program.

Steven Schneider (1988):
General manager at Philip Services Corporation, Environmental Services.

William J. Schulz, Jr. (1979):
I am currently managing a global business program called "Surfactant Technology Enhancement" at Dow Corning Corporation in Midland, Michigan. In this role I have the opportunity to interact with colleagues in Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Belgium, Wales, and France.

Alan Sellinger (1989):
My name is Alan Sellinger and I graduated in Chemistry from EMU in April 1989. I thought I'd update you with what's been going on for me since I left EMU. Just after graduation I found employment with Gelman Sciences in Ann Arbor where I stayed until September 1991 when I commenced graduate studies at the University of Michigan under Richard M. Laine. I obtained my Ph.D in Macromolecular Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan in April of 1997. I received the Charles G. Overberger award for outstanding graduate student research in October 1996. I've since moved on to a postdoctoral position at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM working on inorganic-organic nanocomposite thin films with ordered structures. We've recently submitted a paper to Nature with positive feedback about it's acceptance. No doubt the most important event came on June 3, 1997 when my wife Nancy and I became the proud parents of Isaac Emanuel Sellinger. He's doing great now crawling all over the place. I keep Wade informed of all this but he's probably too bogged down being the head cheese. Please let me know if there's anything else I can do.

Thomas Shaw (1950):
Retired. But, of course, I graduated from Michigan State Normal College. LOL

Junhwa Shin (1997):
I was working on the synthesis of natural alkaloid analogues under Dr. Howard. In 1997, I was accepted by Purdue University and joined Dr. D. H. Thompsons group for my PhD drgree. I am working on the synthesis of lipids, which could be useful for drug and gene delivery. I got married to Jung-A Nam on May 27, 2000. I wish everyone who knows me to celebrate our wedding and new life. I could not forget life at EMU. I want to say again...thanks... Dr. Howard, Dr. Rengan, Dr. Tornquist, Dr. Nord and all of my EMU chemistry people...

Derek Smith (2000):
I'm currently working for Henkel Corporation as a Quality Control Chemist. Along with that, I am also pursuing a Masters Degree in chemistry from the University of Detroit Mercy.

[Updated 4/4/2008]
Since graduating from EMU, I have also completed the Master's program at Detroit Mercy. I'm currently working as a formulation chemist for Henkel Adhesives Technologies in Madison Heights, MI in their Aquence (formerly known as Autophoretic) Coatings division.

[Updated 12/21/2010]
I'm currently working with Henkel of America in their Aquence Coatings division. Most of my present work is done in developing an autodeposition coating that will coat multiple substrates, not just steel.

Heather Smith (1994):
Co-authored an "A-pages" article in Analytical Chemistry, Jan. 1, 1998. Dr. Smith joined the faculty here at EMU Chemistry in Fall 1998.

Clark G. Spike (1944):
After graduation from Eastern in 1944, worked as an analytical chemist on the MANHATTAN PROJECT during WWII (44-46). I was an Instructor for the Department of Chemistry at EMU from 1946-1948 (salary $2400/yr.). Married a college classmate, Avis Hallenbeck in 1947. Completed a Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of Michigan in 1952. Worked as a research chemist at Ethyl Corp. on inorganic fuel additives (52-58). Professor of chemistry at EMU (58-83), Department Head in Chemistry (61-77). Organized the first annual Chemistry Faculty/Student picnic in 1962 (students beat faculty in softball game). Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, EMU (77-79). Acting Associate Vice President for Education, EMU (79-81). Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry, EMU (83-present). Continued to teach as a part-time instructor in Chemistry at EMU (83-88). Received the John W. Porter DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD, for service to EMU (91). Served on the planning committee for a new LEARNING IN RETIREMENT program, offered in cooperation with the Division of Continuing Education at EMU (Now known as ELDERWISE)(91). Serving on the Curriculum Committee and Council for ELDERWISE (91-present). Chairman of ELDERWISE Council (98-99). Hosted the 37th annual Chemistry Faculty/Student picnic at my farm home in Chelsea (Gave up the softball games 20 years ago) (98). Have had an awful lot of fun (44-99).

Phillip Stevens (2000):
Since graduating from EMU in 2000, I have completed a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Ohio State University (2005), a post doctoral fellowship at the University of Kentucky (2006) and an MBA from the University of Dayton (2009). I have been working at Eurand Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company located in Vandalia, OH, since May 2006. I began at Eurand as a formulation scientist leading to the development of contract research and development projects. In partnership with GlaxoSmithKline, I served as the lead scientist in the development of Lamictal ODT, which is used for bipolar 1 disorder and epilepsy. After being promoted in the role of a formulation scientist I quickly transitioned into project management, where I currently serve. As a project manager I oversee the chemistry, manufacturing and control development of all Eurand's internal and client sponsored projects from initiation through commercial launch. I have been married for six years.

Christopher Stewart (1995):
In 2000, I earned an MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan. Presently, I work for DuPont and reside in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan.

Matthew J. Thomas (1993):
I work in the Executive Systems team for the AnswerThink Consulting Group. The AnswerThink Consulting Group is a full service consulting firm that specializes in implementing technology enabled business solutions. We employ 1400 consultants and serve a wide variety of Fortune 1000 companies. AnswerThink went public in April of 1998 and trades on the NASDAQ under the symbol ANSR. I specialize in the implementation and integration of OLAP/Business Intelligence software products such as Oracle Express and Oracle Financial Analyzer.

Timothy John Tersigni (1993):
I am currently finishing my D.C. degree in New York.

Otis Vacratsis (1995)
Obtained my Ph.D from Michigan State University in Biochemistry - 2001
Postdoc for Jack Dixon in the Biological Chemistry Dept. at University of Michigan - 2001-present
I will begin my tenure track assistant professor position at the University of Windsor in Ontario July, 1 2003.

Karthik Venkatachalam (2002)
I am a research scientist at Innopharma LLC in Piscataway, New Jersy. I worked with Dr. heather Holmes. Currently supporting pharmaceutical products.

Darryl Wahlstrom (1989):
Darryl Wahlstrom writes to tell us that he is teaching chemistry at Ann Arbor Huron High School.

Donald Wall (1990)
After graduating from EMU, I went to Florida State University where I obtained a Masters and Ph.D., both in inorganic chemistry, specializing in actinide chemistry. After leaving FSU, I worked in the Nuclear Waste Management Program at Sandia National Laboratories on the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) project. Eventually I moved on to New Mexico State University as an associate director in the College of Engineering. But, I did not stay at NMSU for very long. I moved to Washington State University to take a position as Director of the Nuclear Radiation Center at WSU. The WSU/NRC operates a one megawatt TRIGA nuclear reactor that we use for teaching and research. Now I have a license from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission as a Senior Reactor Operator, and manage the nuclear chemistry research programs and reactor operations at the WSU/NRC. I think it was in 1989 that I was in Dr. Wade Tornquist's Instrumental Analysis class, and we did a neutron activation analysis experiment at the Ford Reactor at the U of M. I though the NAA experiment and the visit to the reactor facility were very interesting, but I never imagined at that time that I would eventually be responsible for managing a research reactor facility. More information about the WSU/NRC is available at the website http://www.wsu.edu/nrc/

William S. Wallace (1977):
Computer specialist at EPA for last nine years -- three years in Washington, DC (Toxic Release Inventory DBMS), five years in Bay City, MI at National Environmental Supercomputing Center (NESC), and just relocated to Research Triangle Park, North Carolina in June 1999. Currently a Project Officer at the Agency for Cray supercomputers (C94, T3D, T3E). Married 15 years to wife Kathleen with four children, Nicholas and Colin identical twins age 13, Katherine 7, and Ethan 6. Completed M.S. Computer Science Johns Hopkins 1992, and awarded three Agency bronze medals for commendable service (33/50 Program, OPPT Information Technology, Pollution Prevention).

Bill Weber (1983):
After graduating from EMU, I re-entered the Army and retired from it in 1997. I initially worked in the Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical branch for 7 years and was transferred into the Intelligence branch. After my retirement, I taught in California at the high school level. I received a MA.Ed in curriculum and instruction and currently working on a M.S. in academic counseling, P.P.S. credential at the University of La Verne, La Verne, California. I am an avid motorcycle rider. Those who know me, will remember me riding my motorcycle through rain, sleet and snow to get to school. During my stay at EMU, I was elected as the Vice President of the Chem Club (can't remember what year) and can remember the dinner we all had at the farm in the freezing snow.

Udeni Yapa (2002):
I'm currently working at Pfizer Global R&D , Groton, CT as a scientist in the field of bioanalytical chemistry

Watson Young (1970):
After Graduation went to work as a analytical chemist (Diagnostic Products) for Miles Laboratories (now Bayer HealthCare) in Elkhart Indiana. A promotional transfer to Lab Supervisory (Protein Products) in Worthington Ohio and then to West Haven Connecticut as Department Manager Consumer Products. Still at work after 36 years as a Release Specialist in Quality Assurance for Bayer (Pharmaceutical Products). My wife Bettylou (Warren) graduated from EMU School of Education in 1968.

Zhengtian Yu (1987):
I was a graduate student at EMU starting at 1985, I moved to Minnesota to further pursue my graduate program in 1987. Now I am working in Union Carbide in New Jersey after I have finished my Ph.D degree in the catalysis field. I will never forget what my life was at EMU, teaching in the lab in the morning, doing research in the afternoon and taking the graduate course at 5:00 pm; also I remember I was one of the audiences for Dr. Tornquist's seminar when he was interviewed by the department at that time. Things change so quick, thanks for Drs. S. Brewer, J. Sullivan and D. Phillips, you all helped me during my studying and teaching; and of course, my advisor, Dr. E. Compere, though he was retired.

Carre' Zalma (2002):
I am currently a 2nd year graduate student at Texas A&M University. Although I am in the Analytical division I am doing synthetic, biological, spectroscopic and modeling work with my project. Also, I am enjoying the 80 degree November weather but missing some friendly winter faces from MI.

Minghoa Zhou (1990):
Is now working for Canton Analytical Labs.

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