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The rooms shown below are those that are most commonly used for Chemistry Department courses.  They are only a subset of the rooms available in the building.




Room 145



Room 145

Room 141 has a capacity of 40 and is used primarily for Chemistry courses. (The room shown above is room 145, which is a mirror image of room 141.)



Room 545



Room 156

Room 545 (shown above) is a smaller 24 capacity room used in Honors and upper-level courses. Room 156 is a 68 capacity auditorium used primarily for Chemistry courses.



Room 156



Room 156

Room 156 has a bench for demonstrations in the front of the room, equipped with a sink and a snorkel (for ventilation).  Chemistry also shares room 154 with Biology. Room 154 is virtually identical to room 156 (except that it equipped for video conferencing and does not have the bench in the front of the room for demonstrations)



Room 241



Room 241

Room 241 is a unique room that has both dedicated lecture and lab space in the same room. This makes it an ideal space for going back-and-forth between lecture and lab activities. This room is predominately used for chemistry courses taken specifically by elementary and secondary education students (e.g., CHEM 101). It is also used for Honors courses.


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