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Cell and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (CMBB) Research Suite

This lab is an interdisciplinary space, primarily shared by the chemistry and biology departments.  The main lab is 4200 square feet in size and contains 14 large lab benches.  Seven are assigned to the 14 faculty who share the space (each faculty member gets one side of a bench).  The remaining bench space is shared or used by the larger research groups who need extra space at any given time.  There are several additional smaller labs, totaling about 2700 square feet, used for (A) Microscopy, (B) Reagent Preparation, (C) Equipment, Refrigerators, and Freezers, (D) Biological Safety Cabinets, (E) Cell Culture, (F) Autoclaves.  In addition, there is a separate 1100 square-foot area with 16 student carrels and a conference room.

Main CMBB Lab



Main CMBB Lab - Room 451



Main CMBB Lab - Room 451

Looking down the main aisle through the main room of the CMBB lab. This shows Dr. Guthrie's assigned lab bench.  Note the student desk area on the far side of the divider at the end of the bench.  Each bench has one desk area.



Main CMBB Lab - Room 451



Main CMBB Lab - Room 451

Dr. Guthrie's bench is the back middle.  In the foreground are some of the shared or overflow benches. There are two shared chemical fume hoods in the lab.  These are predominately used by Chemistry.



Main CMBB Lab - Room 451



Main CMBB Lab - Room 451

There are glass storage cabinets along the long interior wall. The smaller labs are all connected to the main lab and are readily accessible.



Main CMBB Lab - Room 451



Main CMBB Lab - Room 451

Another view of some of the main lab that is utilized by the Biochemists. At one end of the lab is some underutilized floor space for future expansion.



Entry Corridor to Main CMBB Lab



View from Windows in Main CMBB Lab

Greetings as you entry the main CMBB lab. View from the windows in the main CMBB lab. 


Support Spaces



Cellular & Molecular Imaging



Reagent Prep

Cellular and Molecular Imaging Room. Reagent Prep Room.



Equipment Room



Equipment Room

Equipment Room. Equipment Room.



Equipment Room



Cell Culture Room

Freezers along one wall of the Equipment Room. Cell Culture Room.



Autoclave Room



Autoclave Room

Autoclave Room (viewed from the Equipment Room). Autoclave Room (looking back towards the Equipment Room).





Student Carrels



Conference Room

CMBB Student Carrels. CMBB Conference Room.
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