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Chemistry Research Laboratories

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Analytical / Inorganic Research Labs



Dr. Armitage's Research Lab



Plasma System in Dr. Armitage's Lab

Room 475.  Dr. Armitage's main research lab. Room 475A - research support area.  In the foreground is Dr. Armitage's plasma system.



Dr. Edwards's Research Lab



Dr. Vites's Research Lab

Room 475B.  Dr. Edward's research lab. Room 551A.  Dr. Vites's research lab.  Due to the equipment used, this is a dry space.



Room 551 - Research Lab



Room 551 - Research Lab

Room 551.  This large (1000 square foot) lab suite is shared by several faculty for research.  Drs. Holmes, Kennedy, and Kolopajlo all utilize this space.


Organic / Synthetic Research Suite

This suite is composed of three rooms:  L046, L024A, and L024.  L024 is the main synthetic lab.  It is 2900 square feet with 7 large lab benches in the middle and hoods surrounding the room on all four sides.  Adjoining the main lab is a 900 square foot instrument room, L046A.  L046 contains 750 square feet of lab space, which is used by Dr. Heyl-Clegg's biosynthetic medicinal chemistry group and 600 square feet of office spaces containing 24 individual student carrels.  Besides, Dr. Heyl-Clegg, other faculty utilizing this space include Drs. Emal, Hoeschele, Howard, Janser, Lindsay, Snyder, and Wilmes.  Immediately across the lab from L046A is the NMR room, L053. 



Synthetic Research Lab



Synthetic Research Lab



Synthetic Research Lab



Synthetic Research Lab



Synthetic Research Lab



Synthetic Research Lab

Six different views of the synthetic suite's main lab, room L024, with research students at work.



Synthetic Instument Room



Synthetic Student Carrels

The synthetic instrument room.  There are two walk-in hoods in the upper right (difficult to see in this picture). Some of the student carrels in room L046A.  Most students have their own carrel (with a locked storage area for books, papers, ...).



NMR Room



Dr. Lindsay's Research Group

The 250 square foot NMR Room, L053. Dr. Lindsay's research group hard at work on a Friday morning.


Physical / Surface Chemistry Lab



Surface Science Lab



Surface Science Lab

This 1050 square foot lab is shared by Drs. Brewer and Snyder.  Dr. Brewer's laser setup is behind the curtain shown in the right-hand picture.


Theoretical Chemistry Lab



Theoretical Chemistry Lab



Theoretical Chemistry Lab

Room 540 has 550 square feet and 10 stations, most with computers or workstations (others can be used for docking laptops).  It also contains a small meeting area with microwave and refrigerator.


Chemical Education Research



Science Education



Science Education



Science Education Interview Room




The Science Education research suite is shared by the education research specialists from all of the science departments.  There is a large room with lots of storage space, and ample workspace.  The room is well suited to small meetings and is equipped with a document camera and projector.  There is an attached small interview room, shown at the left.  This provides ideal space for interviewing research subjects in privacy.


Graduate Student Office Space



Graduate Student Carrels



Graduate Student Room

Room 527 is 300 square feet and it contains ten carrels specifically for use by graduate students who do not have office space in their own research lab (or do not yet belong to a research group).  Students are assigned their own individual carrel and given a key to the top storage bin.  The room is equipped with a computer printer, a microwave, refrigerator, and coffee pot.


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A List of Major Instruments and Equipment

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