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Distinguished Faculty Award Winners

The following Chemistry Faculty members have won Distinguished Faculty Awards since their inception in 1977.  These awards were renamed after Ronald W. Collins, Provost and Professor of Chemistry, after his passing in 2001.  He received the Senior Teaching Award the first year of the awards.

Amy Flanagan Johnson, Teaching I, 2010Dr. Deborah Heyl-Clegg

Ruth Ann Armitage, Research II, 2010

Deborah Heyl-Clegg, Research II, 2009

Michael J. Brabec, Scholarly/Creative Activity, 1990

Krishnaswamy Rengan, Research & Publication, 1987

Ronald M. Scott, Senior Teaching, 1984

Giles F. Carter, Research & Publication, 1983

Stewart Work, University Service, 1981

Ellene (Nina) Contis, Junior Teaching, 1979

Stephen W. Brewer, Senior Teaching, 1978

Ronald W. Collins, Senior Teaching, 1977

John W. Moore, Service, Research, & Publication, 1977

Note that separate awards are given in some categories depending upon years of experience (I for four years or less, II for five or more years).  In teaching, these were called the Junior and Senior Teaching Awards until 1989.  In 1981, the Service, Research, & Publication Award was divided into two awards (Research & Publication and University Service).  In 1989, the Research & Publication Award was renamed the Scholarly/Creative Activity Award.  In 2008, this award was separated into the Research I, Research II, and Creative Activity Awards.  In 1981, the University Service Award was renamed the Service to the University Award.


Teaching Excellence Awards

Each year since 1991, the EMU Alumni Association has presented Teaching Excellence Awards to faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in the classroom.  The list of Chemistry Department Faculty who have received one of these awards is presented below:

Cory Emal, 2013Dr. Cory Emal

Heather Holmes, 2006

Michael Brabec, 1997

Ross Nord, 1996

Stephen Brewer, 1995


Additional Recognitions

Steven Pernecky was EMU's nominee for the fourth annual Michigan Professor of the Year award in 2009

Ronald Scott received a State of Michigan Teaching Excellence Award in 1990

The Department of Chemistry is part of the College of Arts & Sciences, 214 Pray-Harrold