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Timothy Friebe, Ph.D.

Dr. Friebe L052 Mark Jefferson Science Complex


[email protected]


M.S., Northwestern Univ, 1984
Ph.D., Northwestern Univ, 1992

Analytical Chemistry

Interests and Expertise

My research interests include organic methodology and synthesis, microwave assisted organic synthesis and the application of organometallics to the synthesis of small molecules and natural products. Current projects include: the application of microwave heating to standard organic reactions and the synthetic studies of macrocyclic chelating ligands cyclen and cyclen derivatives.


“Rapid Synthesis of Substituted 5-Phenyl-1,3-dioxolan-4-ones Under Microwave-induced Solvent-free Conditions” Friebe, Timothy L.; Ferrett, Rochelle R.; Hyde, Michael J.; Lahti, Kimberly A., Tetrahedron Letters, 2003, 44, 2573-2576.

“Microwave-induced Synthesis of a Cis/Trans Mixture of 2-Butyl-5-phenyl-1,3-dioxolan-4-ones and Their Stereochemical Determination Using NOESY 2-D NMR Spectroscopy” Friebe, Timothy L. The Chemical Educator, 2003, 8, 1-4.

“Enantioselective Addition of Metal-Based Nucleophiles to Unsaturated Aldehydes” Papesch, C.A and T.L. Friebe. Proceedings of the Ninth National Conference on Undergraduate Research., June 1995, Volume II:1038-1040.

“Synthesis of Macrocyclic Lactam/Lactone Derivatives having Antimicrobial Activity” Helquist, P., T.L. Friebe , M. Bergdahl, and N. Kann. Pure and Applied Chemistry. 1994, 66(10/11) :2063-2066.

“Formation, Isolation, and Identification of Products From the Inactivation of Virginiamycin M1 by Actinoplanes Utahensis” Giambattista, M.; Vannuffel, P.; Cocito, C.; Friebe, T. L.; Gangloff, A. R.; Helquist, P. J. Antibiotics, 1994, 47(1), 119.

Professional Affiliation

American Chemical Society, Division of Organic Chemistry
National Science Foundation Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL-F21)
Phi Theta Kappa
Phi Lambda Upsilon

Courses Taught

General Organic and Biochemistry(Chem 120)
General Chemistry(Chem 121-124)
Organic Chemistry (Chem 270-271, 371-376)
Inorganic/Organic Synthesis (Chem 433)
Advanced Organic Chemistry (Chem 571)
Spectrometric Organic Structure Determination (Chem 572)
Information Retrieval in Chemistry (Chem 610)

The Department of Chemistry is part of the College of Arts & Sciences, 214 Pray-Harrold