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Chemists Assume New Administrative Appointments

Dr. Wade TornquistTwo former Chemistry Department Heads have recently moved into upper-level administration positions and one has returned to a familiar position.  Dr. Wade Tornquist is the new Interim Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research.  Dr. Tornquist moves into this new appointment having just completed three years of service as the Interim Dean of the College of Technology. Prior to that he served as an Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences for seven years (interrupted by a brief assignment in the Provost's Office) and as the Chemistry Department Head for nine years (between 1996 and 2005). In addition to his administrative experience, Dr. Tornquist is an accomplished scholar with over 40 publications/presentations.  Dr. Tornquist joined the Chemistry Department as an analytical chemist in 1986.

Dr. Steven Dr. Steven PerneckyPernecky is the new Interim Associate Dean for Budget and Facilities in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Dr. Pernecky joined the Chemistry Department in 1995 as a biochemist (with additional expertise in toxicology).  Dr. Pernecky has served as the Head of the Chemistry Department for the past three years, after serving for five years as the Associate Chair of the department.  For many years, Dr. Pernecky also served as the Undergraduate Advising Coordinator.  He was especially good at helping students set long term objectives and designing academic plans that would help them achieve these objectives.

Dr. Ross NordDr. Ross Nord has temporarily returned to the Chemistry Department Head position, to replace Dr. Pernecky, until a new department head can be selected this fall.  Dr. Nord previously served as Chemistry Department Head for five years, from 2007 to 2012.  During this period, he was intimately involved in the addition to, and renovation of, the Mark Jefferson Science Complex.  He originally joined the Chemistry Department in 1986 as a theoretical physical chemist.  All appointments became effective as of July 1.

- Posted 7/05/15

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