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Professor Brittany Albaugh Receives a Major Grant from the NSF

Dr. Brittany AlbaughDr. Albaugh's project, entitled Collaborative Research: Molecular and Structural Mechanism of Histone Binding by the Epigenetic Regulator UHRF2, was recently selected for funding by the National Science Foundation.  The grant is in the amount of $359,776.  A description of the proposed work follows:

Posttranslational modifications (PTMs) on histones represent a form of epigenetic regulation. Mounting evidence suggests that inappropriate binding of PTMs by histone reader proteins underlie the development of a host of human diseases, particularly cancer. Histone binding proteins engage epigenetic modifications and play a central role in the regulation of many nuclear processes such as transcription, DNA replication and DNA repair. The molecular mechanisms by which many of these proteins mediate histone recognition remain unknown; thus this represents a major gap in our current understanding of how these proteins impart specificity and regulate the epigenetic apparatus. This study will provide general mechanistic insights as to how similar histone reader proteins distinguish and engage their cognate PTMs. The knowledge gained from this proposal will advance our fundamental understanding of epigenetic regulation.

- Posted 7/26/17 (Original Source:  ORDA Monthly Awards Report)

A more in-depth article about Dr. Albaugh and the grant work is found in the Office of Graduate Studies and Research eNewsletter for Fall 2017.  Updated 9/20/17.

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