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Chemistry Faculty Assist with Digital Divas Program

Digital Divas - April 2015Digital Divas is an annual day-long program for middle-school and high-school-aged girls.  Its primary focus is encouraging them to pursue careers in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields.  For the past several years, Dr. Larry Kolopajlo, assisted by Sharon Vance and a number of student volunteers, has run sessions during the program.  During the most recent program, in November 2015, their session was entitled “Secret Messages” and the girls used disappearing ink, acid/base Hydrogen Balloons - April 2015indicators, and UV pens to write and read secret messages.  They also used disappearing paper that would dissolve in water.  In addition, they learned about detecting counterfeit currency and taking fingerprints.  Finally, there were some fun demonstrations including “elephant toothpaste” and blowing up hydrogen-filled balloons.

- Posted 1/20/16


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