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Jason Miller Begins Ph.D. Program and Reflects upon his Time at EMUJason Miller

More than 10 years removed from high school and after his military service, EMU Honors Alumnus Jason Miller finds himself studying at the University of Michigan.

“The Honors College staff, and opportunities the college gave me ways to not only set myself apart from others, but also gave me opportunities to explore other things, and experience things I only dreamed of,” Miller said.

Studying in U of M’s Ph.D. program for medicinal chemistry, Jason is fully funded for six years and has also received the Rackham Merit Fellowship. This first year he will be doing rotations with potential labs in which he has interest in future work. Once his studies are complete, he hopes to work in government research, research in general or the healthcare industry.

“I really want to work to make the world a better place and find ways to make everyone’s health better,” Miller said.
Jason credits the support and mentorship of Cory Emal and Hedeel-Guy Evans whose constant encouragement were paramount to his success.

“Eastern was the best college decision I ever made and am glad I did; it allowed me to excel, grow and really figure out what I wanted to do with my life,” Miller said.

- This story originally appeared in the September 2014 EMU Honors College Newsletter. 

- Posted September 30, 2014.

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