Dr. Donald B. Phillips Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize students majoring or minoring in the EMU Elementary Education program that emphasizes science education.  Students must have demonstrated superior performance in at least two of the Chemistry Department's Elementary Education lecture (plus, when applicable, companion laboratory) courses.  Preference will be given to students who have

  • demonstrated superior performance in one or more other science-related elementary education courses
  • demonstrated interest and evidence of success in science-related pre-student teaching activities.
  • high overall grade-point averages.

Donald B. Phillips

A photo of Dr. Donald B. Phillips.
A photo of Dr. Donald B. Phillips.


Dr. Donald B. Phillips began his career at EMU in 1972, as an assistant professor of chemistry.  He was selected as the top national award winner in the 1982 National Science Teacher Assoc. Gustav Ohaus Award Program for Innovations in College Science Teaching.  Phillips' winning entry, "A Comprehensive Science Education Program for Preparing Elementary School Teachers," described the development of a chemistry course appropriate for the prospective elementary school teacher.

"Don's primary scholarly interest was i the creation of chemical demonstrations that were appropriate to elementary students," according to former department head, Wade Tornquist.  "To Don, lecture hall demos were great.  Hands-on demos were even better."

Dr. Phillips developed the Chemistry Magic Show that the Chemistry Department presented to elementary school students, beginning in the late 1970s.  Phillips later created "Saturday Morning at the Lab," a program started in the 1990s to spur young students' interest in science and help improve MEAP score in local schools.  In the late 1990s, the demonstrations from that program became a staple of EMU's annual Family Day event, where children produced wiggly worms with chemicals and a tube or mad instant ice cream.

Dr. Phillips earned his Ed.D. in science education from the University of Georgia; his master's degree in chemistry from North Dakota State University; and his bachelor of arts degree in chemistry from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.  This scholarship was created in memory of Dr. Phillips by his family.


  • 2022 - Anisi Sheronick
  • 2021 - Kelsey McFarland
  • 2020 - Emily Alderman; Amanda Segerstrom
  • 2019 - Kevin Mulligan
  • 2018 - Indigo Lee
  • 2017 - Sierra Moran
  • 2016 - Keri Throne
  • 2015 - Michelle David
  • 2014 - Jacquelyn T. Lesko
  • 2013 - Aimee M. Conat
  • 2012 - Ryan D. Huntington
  • 2011 - Kari L. Wetzel
  • 2010 - Audra L. Katchorek
  • 2009 - Lairen B. Ford
  • 2008 - Emily R. Palmer
  • 2007 - Jennifer I. Payne and La'Gina T. Taylor
  • 2006 - Lauren R. Tougas
  • 2005 - Staci R. Boos
  • 2004 - Lisa M. LeFevre